Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Al Hazm castle, picture from www.omanet.om

A nod to the awesome Aish Elaqtta who blogged about this yesterday (you really all should follow her blog). The two castles of Al Hazm and Qurayat along with the fort at Rustaq have finally been reopened. The properties were reopened back in mid December 2013, but I had no idea - only just last night I was recommending to a neighbour who had guests visiting to visit some forts.

The opening times for them are as detailed below:

There you go.

le fin.


Dalz R said...

Much appreciated :)

Must say it was just a blurb but hey anything informative is blogging material

BTW you can get more up to date info on events and happenings in Oman via the instagram accoutn

want your buy in on a new social media event....will contact you soon

Anonymous said...

You live in Oman. Is this true?


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