The cost of living - 2014 Update

Long time readers of ze blog will know that in the past I've written about the cost of living in Muscat here (2009) and here (2010) and before that I made a post on Oman Forum here. So I figured it was time to have an update here on MM.

Much of what I wrote in 2009 and 2010 (and I did a 2013 update on the Oman Forum post as well) is still true.

House rentals, in my opinion, have started climbing once again, a great website to look at a number of rental company listings is See Muscat. My rent is 900 a month for a semi-detached villa on Ghubra beach as a guide, and I pay 6 months up front. Big (5-7 bedrooms) villas in Ansab are now running in the 700-850 a month range.

School fees increase every year, here's a list of schools around town:

sh School Muscat

Ecole Francaise de Mascate

Sultan's School

Azzan bin Qais


Indian Schools: Darsait, Ghubra, Wadi Kabir
Sri Lankan School - Wadi Kabir
Pakistan School
Egyptian School

British School Salalah

Al Batinah International School

For an indication on costs, Fees per year for a 5 year old at BSM is currently around RO 2,800, and for an 8 year old it is around RO 3,500

At a glance costs
A loaf of bread (premium) - RO 0.650
A litre of fuel - RO 0.120
A litre of milk - RO 0.525
1KG Chicken (boneless) - RO 1.500
A Mcdonalds meal - RO 1.400 - 2.000
A news paper - RO 0.200
A 6pack of Pepsi/Coke - RO 0.800
A pint of beer in a 5* Bar - RO 2.800 but Habana is still 2.300 for the time being
Interest on a personal loan - 6%
A KG of local tomato's - RO 0.360
A KG of Holland tomato's - RO2.125
A 20KG sack of rice - RO 12.000
A 10KG bag of flour - RO 1.900
A large Water Cooler bottle - RO 1.000
A 250g pack of frozen bacon - RO 2.500
A case of Heineken - RO 13.900

For a more in depth look at basic foodstuff costs, check out the PACP website, and it's incredibly useful monthly price tracker - just select the month you want to look at prices for and follow your nose (at the time of writing Jan 2014 was the most up to date one).

le fin.
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  1. why is See Muscat a 'great website to look at real estate'??

    It just a bunch of links to other sites.. no content at all. you could just have listed the companies.

    Sponsored link???

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment...

    I said See Muscat is a great website to look at because it aggregates listings from:

    Hamptons, Cluttons, Hilal Properties, Betterhomes, Coldwell Banker, ERA, Savills Oman, Al Habib, Engel & Voelkers, Gulf Property World, Taif Properties,, Salman Properties, as well as listings from The Wave and Muscat Hills.

    No, it's not a sponsored link.

  3. Rest of World: I wanted to treat myself to something expensive so I fueled up my car.
    Oman: I wanted to treat myself to something expensive so I bought a kg of Holland tomatoes.


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