Kathys new quiz at the Duke tonight

Kathy from Hi FM has her first pub quiz tonight at the Dukes Bar at the Crowne from 8pm. As far as I know this is the first time a pub quiz has been run there since Pyzer got the boot earlier this year, apart from a brief interlude where a British style pub quiz was run in a British style pub by an American (fail). I guess the management missed the revenue it brought and have now signed up the pint sized presenter from Hi to try and win those customers back!

Good luck Kathy.

le fin.
Kathys new quiz at the Duke tonight Kathys new quiz at the Duke tonight Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

At last someone way better than Pyzer to look at and listen to good luck Kathy

Anonymous said...

Best thing they ever did to boot Pyzer....

Anonymous said...

Yeah- Pyzer and his always busy quiz night, getting more people than all the other quiz nights and making money for those assholes... no wonder they booted him.
Funny how the American 'celebrity' couldn't hardly get anyone through the doors.
Kathy is a proper star- she'll do well I'm sure. Plenty of space for more than one quiz night per week.

Anonymous said...

Great quiz last night Kathy, Duke's was rockin' it's not about the money or the prizes it's about the atmosphere and the social gathering of friends.

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