Time Out Muscat new Summer 2013 issue out now

The latest issue of Time Out has been released, its RO 2.000 and has a couple of articles written in it by me, so why not go and read it? :)

Enjoy the weekend everyone. I wonder if it's going to rain?

le fin.

Time Out Muscat new Summer 2013 issue out now Time Out Muscat new Summer 2013 issue out now Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, June 13, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Have they updated the details of restraunts, bars, shops? Still no mention of the existance of muscat grand mall?

Anonymous said...

Time Out is free in the UK. About time they did that here as all they do is regurgitate the same old stuff.

Muscateer said...

...and the map at the back is still missing the expressway! Makes you wonder if the people who edit it actually live here (aside from Mr Sythe of course!)

Anonymous said...

Time Out is produced in Dubai- they don't have an office here. It's quarterly I think so how can it claim to have latest listings etc?
It's a pity as Oman Today used to be good for listings etc and there is a definitely a gap in the market for alongside a good website.

Anonymous said...

You would think raddsion would tell them the cellar bar is now OMalleys,

I think someone from time out Oman should come here to research the place. 2omr os not value for money

Sythe said...

I updated the bars listings in the Spring 2013 edition, and O'Malleys was included - that was 2 issues ago!

MGM isn't in there, it will be for the next one. :)

Anonymous said...

Disappointed to find latest copy had so much old stuff in it.....even refers to QCC as Muscats 'newest' mall!!!!! No mention of MGM. Very poor editing by T.O....lazy and ineffective. Surely they can employ a few freelancers to update it???

Sythe said...

I'll ask them to fix it for the next publication :) (malls that is)

Anything else?!

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