The black beast is for sale....

So a friend is flogging her ride.... a 2009 Chevy Lumina SS 6.0L (Holden Commodore for the auzzies). It is a commuter car, goes from home to work and back most days and then rests nicely in its garage.

It only has 28,000 KM's on it and has been very well maintained with a full dealer service history.

The windows have been tinted, the stereo rocks and when it's not too hot out, you can open the moon roof and hit the road, or drive slowly down love lane.

The car is black on black with leather interior, and the seller is looking to get RO 10,000 or nearest offer on the car.

If you are interested, call or text 9854 4020 for more information.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

10k... Get real ffs

Uncle Dunckhan said...

10K is tooo steep for a Lumina.. though i love it.

Owner of the Black Beast said...

I will negotiate on the price. Just give me a call. The car is like new.


Anonymous said...

Dear SELLER...

Like new is not new.
Here are the stats from the professionals.

A new car depreciates or loses value almost immediately after you drive it off a dealer's lot.

As a quick rule of thumb, a car will lose between 15% and 20% of its value each year according to

A car in its second year will be worth 80% to 85% of its first year value and a car in its third year will be worth 80% to 85% of its second-year value.

But those stats are from America. In the M.E. cars are cheaper, and plentiful. Desert wear is tear can be really tough on a car. And the poor workmanship and service that is offered in Oman means the car in fact is devalued further.

If you want to buy to send home in the long would have to have many things done to meet Western standards $$$$$$$

US cars in the Gulf.....less value...they fall apart quickly. Try for 4000 will get a quick sell in cash.

(oh ya..leather in the HOT is like cooking in your own flesh. Locals generally do not have leather..look around)

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