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Local moving company, Golden Global Logistics are specialists in international moving and are fully equipped to assist you on your move in to, or out of, Oman to locations all around the world. GGL have offices here in Muscat, as well as up in Doha in Qatar and can give you a free inspection and estimate for relocation or transport services.

Apart from the traditional house moving (and offices too) services, GGL also offer specialised services in:

Shipping vehicles

Pet relocations

Fragile goods (like art)

They use their own experienced in-house packers, this ensures the security of their client’s belongings which is not always available at most other relocation companies in town, who typically use packers who are not under their sponsorship. They have their own fleet of trucks for land transportation and an in-house freight forwarding division to efficiently and economically manage international transport.

To help out at the "other end", they are associated with the International Association of Movers, Canadian Association of Movers and WCA Relocations.

And finally, GGL Relocations offers WGO and Muscat Mums members a 10% discount :)

Check out their website for more information.

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  1. Recently dealt with GGL Oman relocating back to the UK. Currently I cannot get my container released as we are being held to ransom by GGL Oman as their client has not paid them despite us paying. only solution presented to us was to pay again in full... DO NOT USE THEM and or Relogulf/ReloUK

  2. With reference to the anon poster above, the details of the issue are as follows:
    The client contracted ReloGulf (Dubai) for his relocation to the UK. ReloGulf sub-contracted GGL to execute the move. GGL packed and moved the cargo to the UK, however without the receipt of payment from ReloGulf GGL was unable to pay the Shipping line for the move and thus, the posters' personal effects were not cleared from the port. 
    GGL has been making every possible effort to release the payment from ReloGulf.  The client was made aware of the issue as detailed above and is constantly being updated on GGL's efforts to secure payment.  Furthermore, the client opted to pay the amount again so as not to use ReloGulf, this was not asked for by GGL.  
    In order to avoid the above situation, when relocating out of Oman we would recommend contracting a reputable Oman based relocation service provider with a tangible presence in the country. 

  3. DO NOT USE GGL, we had a terrible experience with them moving back to the UK. We had over forty items broken and damaged and many items gone missing while loading the container. Items that supposed to have been loaded never made it on the container. In the aftermath of it all we are getting a disastrous service to replace the damaged good.
    I could go on...

    I have moved many times in my lifetime, but this was by far the worst and disorganized move ever. Be warned.

  4. can only agree with negative postings regarding GGL. Effects shipped from Oman 2 months ago and still not received and hit by charges from their local agents on clearing that were paid as fully inclusive in Oman. Would definitely not recommend to anyone.

  5. can only agree with negative comments posted here.Still have not received effects after 2 months and been hit with charges from local agents which were paid to GGL in Oman as included. Definitely would not recommend to anyone.

  6. if you are having trouble getting things in order so you can move into your new home, it is time for you to find a Movingcompany to help you out. Thanks for offering this details. these guidelines are really beneficial for me, this details help me to shift right box at right position.
    Nice sharing with us......

  7. Avoid GGL. I have been to their storage facility. It is NOT climate controlled. It gets very hot inside, 40-50 degrees. They DON’T pack your items well despite their claims. They rushed my packing. They damaged the most expensive pieces of furniture and offered no compensation. Not forthcoming at all once delivered. Extremely poor service. Do NOT use


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