Rains coming, and HSBC.co.om got defaced

HSBC Oman's website got defaced today, by some nefarious Moroccan "hackers" and it appears some users on Nawras still can't get access at the time of blogging today. Here is the actual direct link for people trying to get onto HSBC but can't : http://www.hsbc.co.om/1/2/personal (it's working fine for people on Omantel connections)

The "hacking" (technically a defacement) has been recorded on the archive for such things, Zone-H, but it's not yet been verified as a "genuine" defacement - presumably because the admins are asleep...

Another poke in the eye for HSBC on the back of growing rumours of customer dissatisfaction after the recent merger with OIB.

Interestingly, English Sabla has been down for a similar reason for a number of days as well, apparently some Iraqi hackers have been enjoying themselves a bit too much. Oman Forum remains up, though :)

Also, it's been threatening to rain for days, and according to Accuweather it will rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. Weather Underground is predicting more or less the same, but also saying there's a 40% chance of rain today as well..... so hold off on the car washing until next week!

More later!

le fin.
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  1. HSBC had A LOT of customer dissatisfaction long before its merger with IOC!!!!

  2. Hi did you got ur oman entertainer bk provided by HSBC this year.one more minus point for them from me

  3. A very sad example set by HSBC Oman when it comes to customer satisfaction and retention.....

  4. Chaos is an understatement - still waiting for a PIN since October - and several reminders

  5. I know quite a few people who bank with HSBC Oman, and they have always been complaining about poor service and an inability to get things done correctly and promptly.

    We, however, were OIB customers and we had no complaints at all about the bank. In particular their TT service back to the UK was cheap and VERY fast. Since being forced to become an HSBC customer, we have had nothing but hassle, inefficiency and incompetence. The branch staff have been as polite and helpful as possible but they just did not have a clue as to what was happening elsewhere, particularly in Dubai office. Getting our new ATM cards was a horrific experience, and we were without access to cash for most of Feb. No one ever apologised.

    We think that HSBC is a dreadful bank, and were we not considering leaving in the near future, we would definitely be changing banks.

    Every time I see their ad 'the world's local bank', I find it hard to control my anger. They talked about 'international standards' in their welcome pack (when we eventually got it) but these are far lower than the standards we were used to from our local OIB bank.

    Honkers and Shankers - you make me puke.

  6. It was actually Omantels dns server that got hacked. Quite a few websites were then pointed to the hackers page including Google

  7. 'It was actually Omantels dns server that got hacked. Quite a few websites were then pointed to the hackers page including Google'

    Errr, really?

  8. The Ginger MonsterApril 29, 2013 at 4:06 PM

    Never had an issue with OIB, nothing but problems with HSBC, even managed to lose one of our accounts!! So for their senior management to broadcast that the transition was seamless obviously didnt want to put their email or GSM contact details down for any disgruntled customers.
    Can't blame the staff too much as they were trying really hard to sort things out but openly admitted that HSBC failed to provide adequate training for the takeover! I can only assume that the movement of squillions of Rials between banks and accounts would have been done by properly trained or experienced staff. This was certainly not the case.
    In all fairness, freinds in Oman with other banks do not really rave on how good their bank is either. Would be nice to hear some positive feedback on which bank your followers think is the best in Oman.

  9. We had an account with HSBC, soon switched and all to do with customer service and mentioned comments above.One of our accounts is with National Bank of Abu Dhabi ,we get a service second to none.


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