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I was recently contacted asking if I could write a little blog post about the video below. Basically, Hyundai are having a global marketing initiative for their new Santa Fe model. The reason I'm blogging about it is because its based almost entirely on Facebook - you interact with three films in the special app - one in NYC, one in London, and the other in Dubai. If you go through all of the three films you find the "secret documents" which is amusingly chosen as one of your existing FB contacts (you pre-select five for each location).

The three videos are fun, and it was amusing watching the Dubai one, and wondering if that car in the distance was actually a police car or not - I can imagine they had police escorts when filming the footage for the short film! It's nice to see marketing campaigns tailored to our part of the world though, instead of a modified ad from another market as usual.

I went through all three missions and retrieved my missing document in about 10 minutes, it was a fun little time-killer, but I also learned a bit about the new Santa Fe, which now makes me think my 5 year old Santa Fe needs a new, bigger, sun roof!

I was rather disappointed that I didn't get to shoot my facebook contact in Dubai at the end though! Anyway its not all just a time-killer, there's a couple of prizes to be won as well, and you gotta be in it to win it :) The prizes are: 1 Macbook Air, 2 Ipad Minis, and 20 $50 Facebook credits so you can buy those Must-Have Farmville/Texas Hold'em Poker bits and pieces :)

This is a sponsored post, but all of the words are my own!

Hyundai Global FB page
Hyundai Oman FB page
Hyundai Oman - The Chaser game link on FB

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