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This bed is RO 395

Recently I came across a furniture shop in Al Khuwair called Antiqua Living. I think it's been open for a while and I think I heard about it about a year ago, but they got in touch with me recently and I checked out their store and their website, and I'm pretty impressed.

When I first moved here, I thought to myself, "right, we are here for 2 years, we're gonna save a bunch of money and then get out of here". So we bought the cheapest stuff around and went to Ikea in Dubai a bunch of times. Then real life happened: we're still here nearly 6 years later and regretting some of our choices in furniture. Not all, but certainly some of them.

Antiqua Living are perfect for what I'm looking for. They import custom made furniture from Indonesia and it's all made with high quality timbers - basically choose something from their online gallery, or head to the store (which is on that road behind Aramex / McDonalds - before the bowling club - Way 3534) with a picture or drawing of what you want, and they'll take it from there.

This table is RO 145 + the chairs

The prices, while not as low as IKEA, are pretty good for what you get, which is a piece of furniture that will last you a life time if you want it to. For an average sized table, expect to pay somewhere in the range of RO 145 for something like that shown above.

They are having an open house this Wednesday evening where there will be 2 interior designers on hand who can give tips and pointers for giving your home (or office for that matter) a bit of a makeover.

The open house is this Wednesday 27th Feb between 4-9pm.

Tel: 22061870.

le fin.
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