Spate of robberies lately

It seems that there has been a spate of robberies recently. I blogged a few weeks ago about a bike that was nicked in MQ (and it was subsequently found, a cheeky chap was trying to flog it at the Bowsher dunes).

On Friday night, another motor-cross bike was nicked in Ghubra, and also a Jetski was half-inched in Azaiba Atheiba Udhaiba (it sounds like a German word now!) in the same night. A few weeks ago a KTM branded motor cross bike was nicked from Qurum 29 as well, reportedly the only KTM bike in the country.

So make sure you have securely chained up, and consider putting GPS trackers on them too.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

Udhaiba German...? more like Portuguese...

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