Kite festival this Friday

For those of you that enjoy kites, the Patang Mahotsav (Kite Festival), will be held on Friday, 11th January 2013 (to celebrate the "Uttran" festivities of  of 14th January in India), hosted by the Indian Social Club / Muscat Gujarati Samaj. It's being held at the beach by the InterCon.

Participation Fee for this event is RO. 2.000 Per Adult and RO 1.500 Per Child (4-10 Years) for MGS Members. This includes morning breakfast at the beach venue as well as a sumptuous lunch served by your favorite BOLLYWOOD CHAAT and also one kite per entry. For non-members, the Entry Fee would RO. 3.000 per person (for Adults as well as children).

For any further information / details, please feel free to call Hiren Gagwani (99882735) or Manoj Ranade (99423860).

Have a great weekend everyone!

le fin.
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