It's 12-12-12 Habana's 1st birthday & red light cameras

Well here we are, on 12-12-12, and only a little over a week until we all die. Have you figured out what you want to do before the end of the world? Personally, being a sleep deprived new father, I think I'd just like to get an uninterrupted nights sleep. Well, we can dream.

Moving on, the absolute best place to be tonight, if alcoholic intoxication is your thing, is the 1st birthday of the Habana Sports bar under the Safari Pub at the Hyatt...

A year ago, the General Manager at the Hyatt decided to have a pet project, and totally revamped the Habana (previously the Havana bar, a little attended taxi bar) and has successfully turned it into a busy sports bar with attractive pricing. Personally, I hope when he departs for a different hotel in January, his successor continues the legacy. Anyway, thats next year, right now it's time to party, especially because we're all going to die next week.

They we will be giving away a ton of complimentary drinks including bottled beers and glasses of bubbly, along with the free 'Hot Sandwich Counter' which will be set up serving hot turkey and beef butties as well as a delicious birthday cake for everyone! 

So, to recap. Free beer and food. And cake. What more could you want? It's open till 3am. Congratulations Christoph and John!

And finally for today....

Photo Credit: @mmoods
Have you noticed the sneaky red light cameras popping up? The first one I saw was about a month ago at the Al Ilam traffic lights over near the white elephant opera house, but now it appears that the ROP / Muscat Municipality have pulled the trigger - these red light cameras have been going very quickly, yesterday saw Ghubra get at least 2 separate intersections with them in the space of an afternoon.

Expect more and more of these to pop up all over town. Great to see some action on this. I've no idea if the cameras are active, and have no desire to find out!

Have a great weekend everyone.

le fin.
It's 12-12-12 Habana's 1st birthday & red light cameras It's 12-12-12 Habana's 1st birthday & red light cameras Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 Rating: 5

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  1. The Habana bar has made a good turnaround and it's a nice place to be- especially if you have a rugby club membership!
    It's a pity it is really a men's bar and girls don't seem to like it, but maybe that's because of the locals on the pool tables creeping on them when they go to the can.
    Great job by Christoph and very generous to offer drinks and food on the birthday.


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