Beach Bash next weekend

Next weekend, Thursday 13th and Friday 14th sees the tenth year that the local volleyball tournament, the Beach Bash has taken place.

This year it's being held at the Al Sawadi resort up past Barka. The tournament hosts up to 32 teams who battle it out for some prize money, along with a pretty good party on the beach.

To Register a volleyball team for a chance to win RO 600.
-Entry as a Team of 6: RO 50
Receive free tshirt and entry and participation for the cash prize

-Entry as a hotel guest: RO 65 including breakfast
Goes up to RO 75 two days before.
(please call hotel for booking)
-Entry as Camper: RO 12 (they allowed me to allow campers - BOnus)
Goes up to RO 15 two days before.
(please call hotel for booking)

-One day Entry: RO 10 for either day
-Couples free entry between 7.30 and 8.30 on thursday night.
-Party entry tickets are RO 10.

For more info and registration, email
or visit the facebook page Beach Bash Weekender.

le fin.
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