"Fatma" by Fatma Alsaleh

Fatma Alsaleh has launched a new line of t shirts for her new brand "Fatma". Here's a selection of her Tshirts but there are more if you find her on Instagram and look at her pictures.

 Traditional Omani Necklaces
Top: 12 Rials
Bottom (beaded + close up of details) - 18 Rial

 Oman in our Heart (9 Rials)

Omani Kids (8 Rials)

For orders or inquiries, Fatma can be reached by email: fatma.a.alsaleh@gmail.com or via instagram @fatewm

T-shirts are all available by order, since she doesn't have a store yet, and sizes availble: all child sizes, S, M, L, XL and sometimes XXL.

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"Fatma" by Fatma Alsaleh "Fatma" by Fatma Alsaleh Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, November 17, 2012 Rating: 5


eleonora said...

Tshirt with Hail Hitler ???
I think that this is wrong.

Nadia said...

I don't get the Hilter one, but I love her Gangnam style tshirt!

Sythe said...

To be honest I'm not really a fan of the Hitler one either, but to each their own.

Anonymous said...

The Hitler one is going to get her into grief.
Isn't there some sort of an international ban on using Nazi imagery in products?

Regardless....it is simply not funny. In very bad taste.

Fatma Al Saleh said...

I'd like to apologize to those who have taken offense to the "Hitler" t-shirt, I am in no way celebrating the Nazi regime but is only meant as comic relief as the text in the speech bubble reads "TAXI"; which would be obvious to Arabic readers.

It's a play on words meant as a pun for "Hitler hail taxi."

Sorry again, hope this clarifies it :)

Fatma Alsaleh

Anonymous said...

"Sorry again, hope this clarifies it :) "

Nothing about what you have put on a t-shirt needs clarification, Fatma.

The fact that you find 'comic relief' an excuse to place this man's image on a revenue-making product tells me a lot about the research that you did into your design.....none!

And Sythe....what in all seriousness are you thinking about, even posting a plug for this stuff?

"To be honest I'm not really a fan of the Hitler one either."

Not really??

What part of it ARE you a fan of then?

I for one will be complaining to the authorities on both this product, and those who appear to be promoting it.


Sythe said...

Anon, report what you like, no one in power in Oman is going to care. I thought it was in poor taste but I said I'd help spread the word about her otherwise great t shirts and so I did. Presumably she has a market for her designs or she wouldn't have selected that one for sharing. Nonetheless i've pulled the image because it is disgusting and I'm glad people have stated so, I thought perhaps I was being over-sensitive when I first saw it, but clearly not.

This is not a business for me and I've been the busiest I've ever been in my life currently so I wasn't going to delay the post to get a picture changed.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

I like the first couple of designs.

I don't get the hitler taxi one at all. But the top 3 tshirts are nice. I want the Omnai necklace one;)

Anonymous said...


I would like to take this oppurtunity to ask you all "TO GET A LIFE", and I would like to ask you all to seriously think about it, and really, GET A LIFE!
The Hitler comic relief was FANTASTIC!
i would fakely applaud you people for saying "I'm not a fan of Hitler" because i didn't know he had a fan club.. but thanks for letting us know..
i love your work fatma.. it's different, funny, unique.

I bought like 5 Hitler Tshirts and gave them as presents.. WE LOVE THEM..

and to the loser who said he will report her to the authorities... SERIOUSLY?!?!? are you that lame???

well done Fatma.. WELL DONE!!

*peace out losers*

Akoon said...

Anon, you mad bro? XD

Anonymous said...

Muslims go on the rampage because a Swedish cartoonist depicted Mohammed in a way they don't like but having Hitler on a t-shirt, in the public domain, for sale is comic relief!
It doesn't bother me that much but let's all keep a little sense of perspective.
To the anonymous complainer: nothing will come of it when you can buy an Angry Bird t-shirt in LuLu that says 'Fucking' on it!

Anonymous said...

Man what a bunch of bitches living in Oman. Grow a pair of balls and learn to take a joke

Anonymous said...

All these whines make me laugh... I didn't see Hitler, I was Too busy looking at the great rack on the T-shirt with the necklace

Anonymous said...

" I didn't see Hitler, I was Too busy looking at the great rack on the T-shirt with the necklace

True comic relief :)

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