Tim Hortons to open in MGM by Saturday.

Just a little quick update for those of you that are a fan of Tim Hortons coffee like myself... the MGM branch is ready - it's just awaiting a few small tweaks from Canada regarding their pricing / menus and then they will be open. Possibly as soon as tomorrow, or by Saturday at the latest.

I stopped in today and had a coffee, it was perfect :)

Happy Halloween!

le fin.
Tim Hortons to open in MGM by Saturday. Tim Hortons to open in MGM by Saturday. Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. do you know when the one in Seeb City Center is due to open?

  2. it's due to open before the end of November is the information I've been given.

  3. Should have opened last Saturday ..!!

  4. "I stopped in today and had a coffee, it was perfect :)"

    Give the Muscat boys a couple of weeks before they start doing what they are expert at....cutting corners and scrimping on the quality.

  5. I had a call from the guy running the local franchise... open tomorrow :)

  6. Can't wait to go in and ask for a double double and an old fashioned plain and see what I get, even though I drink my coffee black...

  7. Scott I just went for lunch and the first thing they said to me was hello, and when I asked for a coffee, they asked me if I'd like a double double ;)

    I went for an English Toffee instead!


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