The Beach Handball 2012 World Championships

Today, from 6pm, until this Friday (13th!!) up at the Millennium Resort in Mussanah, the Men's and Women's beach handball championships are taking place.

Oman has a mens team playing, but no women's team this year, their first game is tonight at 18:50 against the mighty Brazilians. There are 20 countries taking part in this event in total, with two groups of 6 in both the Men's and Women's championships.

Might be a nice activity for the weekend coming up, or any evening this week. Entry is free and there is a pretty good website about the event here.

le fin.
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  1. Musannah resort is a great place but do they really expect people to go up there of an evening to watch this?
    Is this what those few flags on SQH are advertising? As I drove past they were fluttering too much and the writing was too small to make out without causing a car crash!


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