The Bars of Oman: The Winners Pub

Welcome to the start of a new semi-regular feature here on ze blog... The bars of Oman, which was partially inspired by Biff. Quite often I hear people asking about bars here in Oman, and quite frequently hear other people rattle off the big hotel's outlets and nothing else. So, while I plan to write about the bars at the big hotels here, I also plan to write about some less well known bars that I've discovered on my travels around the Sultanate. Admittedly most of these bars are around Muscat, because that's where I live - but if I get the opportunity to go further afield and find a new bar, I'll report it here for fun :)

So, first up in this series is a sports bar. It's called The Winners Pub, and it is based in Seeb, at the Ramee Dream Resort overlooking the Seeb beach road, not very far from Bait al Baraka. The hotel has other bars in it, which I will write about here another time. Click here for a map showing where it is.

I must say that of all the bars at this hotel, this one holds the most promise. The bar is on the top floor of the hotel and features 8 flat screens on walls around the bar as well as one large projection screen, showing different sports channels. There are also 7 pool tables dotted around the inside of the bar and plenty of seating, along with a darts board to boot. A bottle of Bud was RO 1.7 when I was there. There was also a melody of music from The Beatles that was playing for the majority of the time we were there as well.

There is also an outside terrace and then a covered part of the terrace with AC for those that want to smoke / shisha, along with a couple more TV's outside. My research partner was particularly taken with the Christmas balls hanging over the bar, and wanted me to ensure it was highlighted here:

Very Christmassy indeed. :)

The opening hours are 12-3 and then 6-3.

le fin.
The Bars of Oman: The Winners Pub The Bars of Oman: The Winners Pub Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. bud?? Ugh..nasty

  2. Do they actually show sports on the screens though? Do they advertise what they will show? Nothing worse than going to a bar to watch a match and they aren't showing it.

  3. I was drinking Bud because I had a head ache, and needed some water ;)

    I saw some screens had cricket on, others had some footy, and others had MBC 2 showing a movie on it.

    I imagine for a big sporting event, they'd have it showing - no idea though.

  4. gotta go visit the Oasis in Salalah...great little pub.

  5. mohammed abdul islamJuly 11, 2012 at 8:57 PM

    there's a quiet little sports bar at muscat holiday in pints and plenty of screens, smoking room, pool table.

  6. Reviewers have the power to say it all. I was bit excited looking at the pics of the place but looking at the comments have expressed everything. Finding a good place to have some great time with friends and watching your favorite sports is all, what people are looking for. In this time not getting what you are expecting is very disappointing. That's why I like reading reviews before going to a new place.


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