Louise the vet has retired

Just a small one again today. Some of you with pets here in Muscat may know Louise Waters at Tafani Veterinary Clinic has retired at the end of May and is now no longer working at the veterinary clinic in Azaiba. She is, however re-starting her cattery service for people who want their cat taken care of by a qualified vet while they are on vacation / out of the country.

It sucks that she's decided to retire, and there is a whole bunch of rumors flying around as to why exactly she has chosen to do so, but that's her choice and I wish her well. She took very good care of my Clowder and I guess now I'm on the hunt for a new Vet, or I guess it's back to Elke & Co. in the Qurum Veterinary Clinic.

I am unclear as to whether Tafani Veterinary Clinic will remain open, I understand there are a few issues with the Omani sponsor.

le fin.
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  1. What a shame.. Louise is a wonderful and particularly caring vet. I have no idea where to take Mr.Tiquilla now, as most vets don't take old cats very seriously.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I used to take all my cats at her place for years, as I live just around the corner of her clinic. It is too bad that she is closing. I guess I will have to stick with the Sabco petshop clinic for now. They are also quite good and do an excellent job when it comes to grooming.

  3. This is indeed a sad occasion. Louise has taken such good care of my cat ever since she helped me import her into the country. At least she'll get to see Louise at the cattery now and then... All the best, Louise and Asta!

    P.S. The Tafani Vets website is still up and unchanged.

  4. how diplomatic of you mate, I saw louise last week too but she gave me the whole story, it seems her sponsor (my very nearly sponsor) screwed her out of her contract offering her a 50 / 50 deal and then leaching her cash and then saying she didn't have 50% after all. As the same person was my theoretical sponsor whom I negotiated with for one year at a 10% him deal with no outlay and then he wanted 50% and then stole one of the companies I brought to Oman only for them to leave 6 months later after he did nothing, perhaps your feature should be on 'be careful expats on who you decide to get as a sponsor' Louise got screwed clear and simple she didn't retire as you state but I undertsnad your retisence in mentioning names, as you know me why not call and I will give full facts. I wish her well with her plight and I know she will be here to help as an 'advisor' if anyone needs help.

  5. If the second "Anonymous" poster is right, then I wish there were a law against sponsors not honoring contracts. Any Omani law experts out there who could tell us about the legal restrictions on or requirements of sponsors regarding contracts with expat businesses? From this situation and others I've heard of and read about, expats seem to have no recourse if their sponsors abuse the business relationship. Maybe there are laws, but no enforcement? One more case in favor of doing away with the sponsorship system!

  6. How do we contact Louise if we want to use her cattery?

  7. Tina I'm not sure, but I will look into it and get back to you.

  8. Col Sulaiman Al-BusaidiJune 12, 2012 at 1:12 PM

    I wish to introduce myself. I am the sponsor of Tafani clinic. I would like to set the record straight that Louise Gerrard (née Walters) has been the Vet at Tafani for the past six years and two months prior to her departure from Tafani she submitted a written resignation citing her own personal reasons for doing so. Tafani will reopen in the near future under a suitably qualified, competent Vet with the same high caring standards as set by Louise.
    I would now like to address the comments made by 'Anonymous'. Firstly, the person is hiding behind a cloak of anonymity rather than put down his/her name. I challenge the individual to do so. Secondly, with regard to making defamatory accusations against me in particular and (the Omanis in general ) I invite him/her to take legal recourse against me if he/she has genuine grounds. To paint the picture that I 'leached' Louise and that I also demanded '50% share with no outlay' then 'stole the company from him/ her that he /her introduced'
    only serves to portray to expats that our legal system is biased & ineffectual which it is definitely not. Our law is fair & just and protects the interests of both expats and Omanis, alike. The insinuations made that individuals like myself are out to just ' leach' our business partners, unjustifiably misleads expats to the point whereby Jean advocates the 'doing away of sponsorship' . Since 'anonymous' has had such negative experience, as he/she claims, one wonders why he/she has not sought legal intervention, and furthermore still chooses to continue to reside among the 'lawlessness' of Oman where its unscrupulous Nationals main objective is preying on unsuspecting expats!!!.

    Col Sulaiman Al-Busaidi

  9. Has the vets closed? I have bren trying to ring with no answer as I need to get supplies for my cat that has been cared for by them before I export him to UK next week. Any update would be great. Ta very muchly

  10. To Latifa and the first Anonymous

    I use Qurum Vets and I would have to say that Pieta and Natalie have handled my older cats with care, love and respect. Sabco petshop is not a clinic and I plead with anyone who loves their pets not to use unqualified people.

  11. Thank you, Col. Al-Busaidi, for giving us your point of view.


  12. i have two dogs and i have tried both Qurum vet and Tafani .i stated up with Qurum vet and they were really good but since i live in Azaiba i thought ill try tafani cilinc since i heard good things about louise but when i got there i knew she was gone and there was a new vet. i have two dogs a wadi dog and a spitz puppy the vet at Tafani clinic was not kind to us or to our wadi dog she was afraid of him and treated him in a bad way ,since it was an emergency we had no appointment so she ended up giving me a moral lesson about taking an appointment even though i told her its an emergency and im pregnant and i need my dog to be checked fast for his sake and for my unborn child sake and also the clinic was empty anyway.so if my dog was dying i have to call and take an appointment before she would see him ?nice next time ill wear my heels and my evening gown as well before i go to Tafani clinic .i felt sorry for my dog he was mistreated by her.I'm going back to Qurum vet cause they know how to treat an animal.People who own wadi dogs plz do not take them to Tifani she hates wadi dogs and it shows all over her face .i wish she goes back to her country soon for the sake of the doggies .

  13. Does anyone know of a good boarding cattery for our two young cats? We live in Qurum. I have heard of a place that is meant to be near to the Sultan Centre, but I can't find it.

  14. I just wanted to write my bad experience with Muscat Vet clinic in Oman. I adopted a dog from Pet Care Veterinary Oman, who rescued the dog from the streets. The dog was abandoned by its previous owner due to some rash. We were also under the impression that the people working here were true animal lovers. But were shocked to see their true motive and customer/animal service which sucks big time. Due to indefinite circumstances we had to leave Oman at a short notice. We approached Qurum vet to advice on the relocation cost. We were asked to take appointment for that. The day of the appointment we got a call and were asked to come 30 min late as the vet Elke was busy. Which we readily agreed although we had lot of commitments from our end as we were busy with our running around re relocation and other formalities. The cargo guy turned at my door step prior to scheduled timing thus causing me just less then 10 min delay to reach the clinic.
    When we enter the clinic. The lady at the reception sarcastically tells us we were late for the appointment by 40 min.
    I reminded her saying we got a call from them itself to come late by 30 min. Then Elke arrogantly and rudely says Oh! But your still late by 10 min. I said But…(wanting to explain myself that we were kind enough to change the timing as requested by them..but had genuine reason to be late)
    Elke goes..Yeah! But But But!!!!(repeating my words) What the hell does she think of herself? Is she a professional or some psycho! It is OK for them to change the timing as they please. But cannot accept any delay from customer even if it is genuine.( less then 10 min that too... for Christ Sake!) I just told my husband forget these guys..What Attitude! If they are so particular of being punctual they better learn to keep up to the appointments in the first place. Some how my husband told me to relax as we already had other things to worry about and short of time. Next what surprises me without even asking us the guy there goes ahead and already set to micro chip my dog.
    We just ignored that since anyway my dog will have to undergo that for relocation. They retained our dogs passport book and dog registration book and said will come back to us on the quotation. When we received the quotation we were shocked that it was costing us more then what we were expecting RO 800 just for export procedure and import another RO 260 ( approx) I found it really crazy just to take my dog to Bahrain. My husband visited the vet and told them that it was way too much for us and will have to look for alternative as they were not negotiating at all on the price. They refused to give the passport book and dog registration book. Elke informed my husband that we need to reply to them by email that we were not interested. Is this some sort of joke? How dare …Qurum Vet refuses to give our dogs documents back to the owners …my husband had to make several trips to Qurum Vet just to get our papers back. Qurum Vet refused to give our documents only because we said we found their quotation was too high for us. Elke and her team were very very lucky that I was already out of Oman or else they would have the Ministry of Labour at their vet for having harassing the customer. My cool husband went to Pet Care Vet after his horrid experience with Elke and their way of hospitality towards my dog and us. On other hand Pet Care Vet as usual they really have genuine care and love towards the animals. Unlike some hypocrites who claim to be animal lovers but in reality their existence is only to make money. Pet care Vet helped us by giving all information to relocate the dog as we were one of those people who took the initiative to adopt the dog from them.
    We managed to bring our dog by ourselves and it only cost us less then RO 450. Its quiet easy then we think…but sadly some vets make you feel that it is very complicated process and scare you to the core.If you go directly to the airport vet he will advice you how to go about the export procedures. Its not a rocket science.
    My dog has reached safely and doing great.


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