An update on the phone / jail thing, and some free bubbly for the ladies

Firstly, an update to yesterdays post about the story in the Times of Oman stating that if you were busted using your phone while driving, you'd get a 10 day all-inclusive stay in the naughty-boys club, courtesy of Muscat's finest. The people at Merge 104.8 had someone from the ROP join them during their afternoon show who then announced that these rules were not actually finished being implemented and researched yet. Of course not, we'll just pretend that the initiative announced in the Times of Oman yesterday said the dates were May 1st to June 30th were actually just made up. In true ToO fashion, the Times of Oman have pulled the story from their website (the link I posted yesterday now points to another, unrelated story). heh.

Today, the Times have run a story that the ROP have now said this 10 day thing is actually not true. They also ran it in their arabic daily paper, Al Shabiba, which was spotted by Salalah's best blogger, Dhofari Gucci. I find it rather amusing that the ToO didn't apologize to it's readers for reporting information that had not been verified.... on it's front page... just 24 hours before. Ahh, such a literary treat reading the ToO.

Moving on!

Now, if you are a lady and fancy some free bubbly - the newest Irish bar in town, O'Malley's is taking a page out of the Hyatt's book and now offering free bubbly to women in the bar every Monday evening between 8 & 11pm. Sláinte!

le fin.
An update on the phone / jail thing, and some free bubbly for the ladies An update on the phone / jail thing, and some free bubbly for the ladies Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, May 14, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. it was too good to be true. oddly enough noticed more people than ever having their handsfree ear buds in today. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised but was really hoping for once the authorities were finally going to be the ones who were in charge.

  2. I was glad to hear the police are finally doing something serious.. Too bad it's not true.

    I hope they can one day implement the "point system" on the drivers license. Besides, putting all the naughty drivers behind bars means a need for more cells to accommodate the large number.

    Thanks for the update

  3. I thought it was too good to be true:( I can't fathem out why they need to consider it, obviously it will have a positive effect.Is there a shortage of police here, because I seldom see any on the roads. I have personally had MANY near misses caused by plonkers TEXTING whils't in charge of a motor vehicle.Bad enough talking on a mobile, but atleast you can talk & watch the road, but TEXTING!!!It's madness.

  4. ...and with regards to the free Ladies Drinks at O'Malley's, it is indeed straight out of the competitors 'book'! With the only difference that the Hyatt boys treasure the ladies all week round; offering free drinks daily. There you go. Slainte, Cheers and Bottoms-up! At the Hyatt of course...


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