le weekend

Well what a week it's been - Oman were seen off by Senegal and are now out of the Olympic football finals this summer, a shame really.

So what's up this weekend?

Tonight there is the usual Happy Hour drinks at the Safari Complex along with the the interesting looking Rainbow cuisine South African food spectacular at the Hyatt's Mokha Cafe. 

Also, the Irish pub, O'Malley's is proving very popular in some circles, and might be a nice spot to stop in for a tipple. I popped in there for lunch in the week and was quite amused to be listening to what appeared to be live-streamed Irish radio - a nice touch :)

Cricket fans, can watch the IPL action on Nuts & Bolt's big screen and offer a buy 2 get 1 free drink policy between 6 and 8 every day until the 27th of May - might be a nice spot to start after work?

Staying with cricket for a moment, there is the "Celebrity Cricket" thing sponsored by Omantel this weekend, Thursday and Friday evenings from 4:30pm at the Muscat Club in Wadi Kabir.

Tomorrow night, as blogged by Andy in Oman, there is  the "Beyond the Orphanage" fund raiser at the Costain Dolphin Clubfrom 7pm, entertainment provided by the cake whisperer, DJ Chris Fisher. Tickets cost RO 15 and are for sale today at Costa Coffee in Shatti between 4-6pm. For more information you can call Joh Weekley on 9578 0592.

Also tomorrow night at Zouk there is Ministry of Sound's DJ Skinz (incorrectly advertised by Zouk as DJ Skins I might add #fail). DJ Skinz uses Twitter, and is an R&B dj  - He was a radio presenter for Ministry of Sounds radio R&B show. No word on pricing so I imagine it's the usual: RO 20.

And finally, on Friday evening at the Muscat City Center from 7pm, there is the Red Bull BC One Cypher - Oman event. Essentially it's the Oman leg of a world wide tournament to find the best BBoy in the world, with the finals being held in Rio later this year. A Cypher is a local qualifier round, followed by a regional qualifier round with the winners from those going to the final to find out "The One". Essentially is a dance thing, and will probably be well attended by the shabab, well I guess they'll give the residents of The Wave a rest this Friday evening then! (The link to the wave goes to their forum, where some disgruntled residents are petitioning to make it a gated community - thousands of people live and work there - good luck making it a gated community!).

Enjoy the weekend!

le fin.

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  1. Is the guy supporting the Bangladesh Team in the Omantel Ad wearing a Manchester United Jersey!!! FAIL


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