St Patricks Day

Happy St Patricks day, its the day everyone is Irish.

It's also Super Saturday, the final 3 games of the 6 Nations rugby cup are being played today, and, if that was not enough, Canadian Super-Comic, Russell Peters, is playing to a packed Qurum Amphitheater tonight. Not a bad way to start the week off I'd say.

And tomorrow there is the first F1 race of the season as well. Pretty nice.

So: If you want to watch the 6 nations, then you can either go to the Rugby Club adoptive home, The Habana bar at the Hyatt, or you could go to the very nice new Irish bar at the Radisson, O'Malleys. In The Habana bar, pints of Guinness and Killkenny are RO 2.000, and a pitcher of green beer is RO 6. On top of that, there is Irish stew & Soda bread and a bunch of other Irish food specialties for RO 4.500.

Over at O'Malleys, there is of course all the live 6 nations action starting from 4:30pm along with a free buffet spread put on before the England Ireland game at 9pm. Chris Fisher will be overseeing proceedings to finish off the night. O'Malleys new signature drink, the Baby Guinness will also be o sale.

The last 3 games of the 2012 Six Nations: Italy v Scotland at 4:30pm, Wales v France at 6:45pm and England v Ireland at 9:00pm

Also tonight, there is of course the sold-out show with Russell Peters at the Qurum Amphitheater presented by Hi FM and Alive Events which starts at 8:00pm with the gates opening at 6. I remember seeing Russell Peters with Mrs Sythe in Yuk Yuk's in Toronto in early 2004.... before he made it big - he was super funny then and I expect him to bring the house down tonight too :)

Have a great day, more tomorrow on a special competition to win flights to Bangkok by watching F1 at the Crowne Plaza!

le fin.
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  1. What a life you guys have in Muscat. Appreciate it! Happy St Patrick's Day to all Muscat Mutterings sunscribers from Ireland where the temperature is 5degrees, the skies are grey, but we are all in a celebratory mood nonetheless!

  2. 90 minutes Russell Peters show, 2 hours to get out of parking!! Crazy.

    The condition of the approach roads around the Qurum Amphitheatre is currently not suitable for use for supporting mega events. Don't think the organizers care.

  3. The show was hilarious - shame about the piss poor event venue management - the security were fucking horrendous, and the parking situation was insane. Totally irresponsible.

  4. Everyone wants to complain. You knew what you were getting into when you bought the ticket. 4000 tickets means tons of cars and traffic. Is there anywhere really to have an event? No.
    Common sense folks.

  5. I thought it was a bit much being made to wait for 15 minutes after the show ended so that the gates would be unlocked so we could actually leave the venue. Who cares if Russell Peters has to wait in a bit of traffic, or does his $100k+ fee not allow him to wait while his fans leave?

    Or should we go into the fact it was an outdoor venue woefully ill equipped to sell adequate refreshments to the people attending the event?

    Or how about the security guards who kept talking and walking around during the show?

    Or how about the lighting scaffholding (at a comedy show.. why?) that was blocking the top quarter of the screens so those in the top seats couldnt see his face?

    Take your common sense and shove that up your hole. I bet this comment gets moderated.

  6. Well theres some firey talk going on here I see!

    I'm inclined to agree with pretty much what everyone has said about the Russell Peters show... he was super funny, the bit with the eyebrow, or when he was talking to the camera guy, I was literally fighting for breathe I was laughing so hard.

    But I also felt the event was no way even remotely properly setup to deal with such huge numbers. The back gates to the venue should have been opened once the show was over, some sort of traffic control at that tree should have been setup (it only goes to show just how incredibly selfish people are once they are in their cars here).

    All in all though, I was glad to have been there to see the show, even though I tried really hard to lose my ticket so I could go watch the 6Nations instead.

    Hopefully the Pritam concert will be slightly less chaotic.

  7. Why was it not at the Intercon

  8. This is Oman where things never go normally or how they should and most people who have been here a while know that by now.
    If you are from a western culture never expect here what you would get at home.
    It's just like the people writing to the papers about the language Russel Peters used being offensive to their children?
    Why are you bringing children to a comedy show anyhow?
    Be grateful we even get events in this waste land regardless of what goes wrong. Shove that up your hole.


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