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Ahh Wednesday, your here. Joy.

So what's going on this weekend? Quite a lot it seems.

Tonight, of course, there is the Bollywood Rocks gig brought by Roar Entertainment at the Qurum Amphitheater, tickets are still available if your interested, they start at a fiver - click here for more information.

However, over at Zouk tonight from 8pm there is Ministry of Sound's Patrick Hagenaar dishing out his brand of house music. Cover is RO 5 for ladies, or RO 10 for couples / single guys. Rather amusingly, they want you to "Dress To Impress And Come To Party hard" (perhaps someone should tell them about the rule with capital letters)?

The Muscat International Film Festival is happening too, and here's the program for today thru Friday. We'll skip over the drama caused by the grand Mufti who said that the whole thing was Haram and then SQU subsequently pulling out of the festival. heh.

12noon - Oman auditorium
English: Black Swan
Darren Aronofsky

6.00pm -8 pm
OMANI: ASEEL premiere
Director Dr Khalid Zadjali

9pm -10pm
French:  The Artist
Director star cast

March 29/Thursday
10.30am – 12noon - Oman auditorium
English: Dr Zhivago
Omar sheriff, Victor Banerjee

5.30pm -8pm
English: Passage to India
Omar sheriff, Victor Banerjee

8.30pm -10 pm
English: Salmon goes fishing in Yemen – premiere

11pm -12.30midngt
UAE: See the shadow
Director: Nawaf Al Ganahi

March 30/Friday
9.00am – 11noon - Oman auditorium
English: Spy who loved me
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Sir Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Director John Glen, Rila & Sumith band

5.00pm -8pm
Malayalam: Vanaprastham
Mohanlal, Major Ravi

9pm -11 pm
Oman auditorium
Arabic: Now, where are we going?
Lebanese Director Nadine Al Labaki

11pm -12.30midnight
Arabic: On the edge
Director Laila Al Kelani- Morocco

As blogged by Dhofar Eco bug, and reblogged by Dhofari Gucci, Thursday 29th March is clean up Oman day. There is a Facebook group here but I could not figure out how to see what events are going on up here in Muscat tomorrow - so if you know more about that please do share.

And finally, on Friday there is Sunidhi Chauhan at the Qurum Amphitheater from 5pm. Tickets start at RO 7 and can be bought from Lulu's. More information here.

Enjoy the weekend.

le fin.

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  1. And Saturday 31st, Closing Ceremony, Muscat Intl. Film Festival. so really tight, wed. untill Sat. You too have a tight oops nice weekend...

  2. At 4pm there will be Clean Up Oman in Muscat at Seeb Beach, opposite the Seeb souk.

  3. Is Omar Sherriff a porn version of Omar Sharif? And a Salmon goes Fishing in Yemen? Is that not Salmon Fishing In Yemen- a film of the book?

  4. 3rd Anon - no idea, I just copied and pasted from their website.

  5. Ahh Wednesday, you're here is what I believe you intended.

    And then you have a go about someone using capitals in an advert... Get your own English in order first eh? And remember that the poor underpaid person that made the ad probably has English as a third language.

    Also, this whole blog has become one advert after another. I guess there must be heavy inducements for you to do that.

    Get back to reporting on Muscat life and this may become worthy of reading again.

  6. I didn't know we HAD a film festival, DISAPOINTED, so there is nothing wrong about informing people about events.

  7. Hi,

    Can you please write an article of how horrible the Muscat Intl. Film Festival was managed? it was about everything except the films!!

    BTW, the whole website for the Festival is a mess, with wrong dates, names, information and even the wrong films!!

  8. Having attended the Sunidhi Chauhan concert, I am surprised to read the letters being published in local press in which praises are being sung regarding the management at the concert and have been left wondering whether the people writing in attended the same show that I did.

    To begin with, the gates were announced to open at 6 PM and show was scheduled to start at 7 PM. In reality the gates did not get opened till 7.15 PM while the show did not start till after 8.30PM. This caused huge inconvenience for the ticket holders who got taken in by the organizer’s announcement and turned up at the venue for a 6 PM gate opening and 7 PM show start.

    By the time the gates opened, there was a huge crowd gathered outside and as soon as the gates were opened there was a mad surge of people as the crowd rushed forward to get in resulting in pushing and bumping.

    The excuse given by the organizer for the late start was that the venue had been made available to them late due to another concert that was held there the previous night. This was clearly not valid because they should have surely known that the another concert was being held the night before and that the venue hand over could be delayed and as such they should have set the gate opening at 7 PM and show start at 8.30 PM to give themselves more time to prepare and avoid subjecting the fans at inconvenience.

    Sunidhi finally appeared and performed to the high levels that are expected of a star like her. When the show ended she left the stage abruptly without taking time to thank the fans who had bought tickets and turned up to watch her show. In my lifetime I have watched numerous shows around the world but have never experienced the show ending without the star taking time to bid good bye to the fans and thanking them for attending. Maybe Sunidhi thought her star status was such that she did not need to thank the crowd for attending.

    During the show, out of control dancing by some of the fans near the railing specially in the Stall enclosure led to view of the fans sitting in the first 2-3 rows getting blocked and the dancers did not stop in spite of repeated requests. All the volunteers in NPA t-shirts had by then drifted to the area close to the stage to get the best view of the concert and the fans whose view was getting blocked had no option but to suffer at the hands of the prancing dancers.

    Driving away from the venue was the usual nightmare with traffic being allowed to move in both direction on the approach road on which traffic can barely travel in single file leading to traffic jam and delays. It could have been easy to stop with ROP’s help the traffic moving towards the venue for some period of time to allow the vehicles leaving the area to drive away quickly.


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