Saturday, December 24, 2011

Well here is one more option for Christmas, it may be a little late but some of you may be trying to decide what to do, and the NYE option certainly looks attractive down at the Sifawy hotel.

Christmas Eve (tonight) - RO 35 for dinner with a variety of accompanying beverages, not free flow then! Santa will also be making a brief stop on his round the world jaunt to say ho ho ho. Tomorrow see's a bubbly brunch with free flow of sparkling wine for RO 25.

And New Years Eve, unlimited selected drinks and a Gala dinner along with a live band, for RO 45 - the comparable prices from InterCon, Hyatt & Barr al Jissah is RO 75 - RO 98. I guess you'd have to book a room as well though.

I should probably do my Christmas shopping now.

le fin.


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