Its Wednesday, so here's some videos

Phew, I thought this week would never end, but here we are again on Wednesday, as some of my twitter friends like to say TAIW. I'll let you figure it out.

Well, there's the comedy show Who's line is it anyway? at the Crowne Plaza tonight from 8pm which will make you roar with laughter, guaranteed, so if your looking for something to do tonight you could give that a look in. Also, ladies, don't forget you can get yourself a free, as in totally free, margarita in Club Safari and free Cosmopolitans in the John Barry bar from 6:00 to 10:00pm.

Tomorrow from 3:30pm see's the Muscat Rugby Clubs annual Chairmans Cup game, typically over 30's versus under 30's, followed by a few cups of tea in the Rugby Clubs adoptive home, the Habanna Sports bar at the Hyatt. The generous people at the Hyatt are putting on free turkey dinners for those that join us for a few seasonal beverages in the bar tomorrow after the game... so around 5:30 tomorrow evening for those interested. Remember, 40% discount in the bar until 10pm, and it's a Thursday, so it'll be a good laugh I'm sure.

And now for 3 amusing video's to share with you:

1. HMS Ocean's All I want for Christmas.

Some back history to this: HMS Ocean was deployed on a 7 week tour way back in May, but then got extended because of Libya and a spot of Pirate hunting and other things. Muscat Rugby Club hosted these great people twice in recent months and had some cracking games of rugby and boat races with them. Glad they are finally home from their tour, and to celebrate, they made this video and posted it to You Tube. It's become a bit of a sensation with over 2.3 million views.

2. Sophie & Gracie hit the red carpet

This video was sent over to me by a friend earlier and made me laugh.. it's 2 really young girls from the UK on the US Chat show, Ellen, and they were on the red carpet at the American Music Awards.. it's pretty funny.

And finally, number 3.

Jack Rebney is quite possibly the most hilarious angry man to ever be captured on video. This video is full of swearing and so if that sort of thing offends you, dont watch. But I think it's hilarious. Could you do me a kindness Tony?

Enjoy the weekend!

le fin.
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