Sneak Peek - First images of The Spa at The Chedi

The Long Pool

Now some of you may know that The Chedi has been building a new spa facility for the last year or two, but it's nearly finished, and here are some pictures of the new 103m long outdoor pool and the relaxation lounge.

The spa is slated to open later this month, and features a 400-square-metre health club, eight new private spa treatment rooms, separate mens & womens steam and sauna areas and a relaxation lounge. On top of that there is also the existing hotel facilities to compliment what I understand is now the Sultanate's largest outdoor swimming pool.

The relaxation lounge
I do have to say that the Long Pool does look very nice - I can see myself enjoying a nice hard work-out on a sun lounger by that pool sipping cocktails in the late afternoon! The press release I saw tells me that there will be 38 members of staff, including 4 physical trainers on hand to operate the gym and spa, so there should be no shortage of help should you wish to use the facilities that are on offer.

More soon!

le fin.
Sneak Peek - First images of The Spa at The Chedi Sneak Peek - First images of The Spa at The Chedi Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, October 08, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks! I'd be very interested in what beauty services they offer, like mani/pedi, facials, etc.

  2. Wasn't it the Chedi that was decimated during Cyclone Gonu?

    Ah, but not to worry, that was a one hundred year storm......right?


  3. JD- you know the Chedi, ugly building, built on sabka next to a pebble beach and overlooked by a desal plant!

  4. Hey JD! Do you remember when lots of Ghubra was decimated during Cyclone Gonu? Probably shouldn't build anything there at all then really, right? Or perhaps major storm drainage infrastructure was installed...

    And as for Anon - each to their own, I definitely do not think that The Chedi is ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but there you are! :)

    Jamilla - I forwarded a menu to your husband - your FB profile is locked so tight I couldnt message you to ask your email address!

  5. What the fuck is wrong with you today?
    Lost your sense of humor?



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