Everyone these days loves to moan about the traffic: the jams, the dangers and the roadworks. The main reason for this afternoons blog is two-fold:

Tomorrow is World Car Free day, and it is being recognized locally in this facebook group. So if you don't need to drive tomorrow, try walking instead!

But the real driving (heh, geddit?) force behind this posting is the plight of the residents living in The Wave and surrounding areas in the morning. Ever since Eid, there has been something wrong with the traffic lights, with a green light for 6 seconds in the morning causing tail-backs that take up to 15 minutes to get through just to get to the highway! It's been going on for weeks with no apparent fix coming.

But the traffic nightmares don't stop there, do they? What on earth is going on at the Lulu's in Ghubra? There is 2 roundabouts where there was 1, and during peak traffic times, that is another 10 minute confusion. The roads there seem to be altered to cater for the new mall, and presumably the new planned link road from near McDonalds in Khuwair to the Muscat Expressway further South. Yet, seemingly just like when we hosted the Asian Beach Games - right before the roads really needed (when the mall opens in this case) the roads are all dug up! During the Beach Games, it was unbelievable - a month before the nation hosted its largest ever sporting event, they dug up the road to the venue.

Are you stuck in this traffic in the mornings up by Markez Al Bhaja? I'm told that Muscat Municipality, or the ROP are in charge of traffic lights in the city... fairly confusing then. Does anyone know when the traffic lights will be fixed?

In other news, MRFC are having their season openers this weekend, with a game against HMS Somerset tonight at 7:00 pm and a game against Al Ain on Friday at 3:00 pm with post match celebrations held at the Ghala Wentworth Golf Club.

Have a good weekend everyone!

le fin.
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  1. The lights at the end of Dohat Al Adab street under the new highway by Sakheer mall are also disastrous - I don't know what has happened to them over the summer, but where it used to take a couple of minutes to get through them it can now take 10 minutes to get through - crazy - makes for a very stressful start to the day what with all the pushing in down the line that is going on as well - I for one, have found another route to take in the morning - I can't think of anything worse than sitting in traffic on the way to school at 7am - yuk !

  2. The lights by Zakher mall switched themselves off when I was getting to them last week. Ah well...

    I'm not sure if it's ROP or Baladiya who maintain them - I will ask a policeman and let you know.

  3. This traffic light is unreal. I wait every morning. They finally upgrade the highway and now you can not get on the highway. Stop the madness


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