Farm Alarm this Eid

So there are lots of events being held in town for Eid, and just so everyone knows, I understand bars will be open from Wednesday at the usual time (I have heard whisperings of some bars opening on Tuesday 30th at 7:00pm but not sure!).

Anyway, something with a twist: Farm Alarm

It's a party at a farm, surprisingly!

It's RO 5 for girls, RO 10 for guys and there is a free BBQ and drinks and shisha available to purchase. For more details call 9665 9666, 9289 9513 or 9676 7323.

le fin.
Farm Alarm this Eid Farm Alarm this Eid Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, August 29, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

When are the bottle shops open?

Sythe said...

Either tomorrow night or Tuesday Wednesday morning

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