Monday, June 27, 2011
I've been a lazy blogger this week, but thats basically been because there has been nothing to write about really. Until today.

Originally reported on my blog in August 2009, Oman signed up to buy 3 Khareef class (Corvette I understand) boats ships from UK firm BAE Systems (albeit a company called VT Systems which was then subsequently bought by BAE and a division formed to be called BAE Systems Surface Systems). Anyway, the first one, the Al Shamikh underwent sea trials earlier this year and failed them. The rumours are that the engines don't work, well, not to specification anyway which led to a delay in the delivery of the final 2 ships until, apparently, today (as reported by Muscat Daily) with the third ship, the Al Rasikh. I wonder if the RNO have fined BAE SSS for the delay?

I imagine that the new ships will be pressed into service to help keep those pesky pirates away from Oman's waters, as well as a spot of smuggler hunting too.

And next:

On the front cover of the Times of Oman today, and I also read about it in the Muscat Daily today as well, that Oman is starting to realise that people living with HIV/Aids can not be just made a statistic and forgotten about. The general gist of the articles seems to be that more needs to be done to deal with counselling and treating those with HIV and also helping to spread awareness, especially amongst young people. The ToO article then goes on to say that drug addicts that inject themselves and share their needles are the most likely to become infected.

I was somewhat amazed that the ToO article then went on to suggest that there are only 80-90 new infections in Oman each year since 1999. At least the people at Muscat Daily clocked that this statistic must be totally inaccurate and so didnt print the ridiculous statistic.

How about the case at the school in Salalah in 2009 as reported by Dhofari Gucci where 5 girls were diagnosed with HIV in one go. How about all the poor Omani wives who only find out they're infected when they become pregnant and go to the doctor? Well, at least recognising that more support needs to be there for people infected with HIV is a step in the right direction.

I hope a successful campaign to spread awareness is rolled out.

Thats all for today.

le fin.


Anonymous said...

how about the ones who don't get detected? omanis don't go through mandatory hiv test like the expats do...

macbookprodad said...

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Anonymous said...

I hope a campaign as strong as cancer awareness is rolled out. Hiding statistic is not going to help them either. Every second person i meet now a days is flying off to Thailand i hope they going for medical reason or to enjoy scenic beauty ... or god bless them.

Anonymous said...

... I was in Thailand last year with my family and guess what, I saw many Middle-Eastern looking men around there. Oman Air even had a promotion to Phuket's most touristy area notorious for their hookers & lady boys last Eid! Gets you thinking doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

Not all Expats are screened for HIV.
The blood test only checks for general health.

I think the Middle East has a huge HIV problem.
Much greater than what is reported.

Remember also homosexuality is rampant in Muscat with many "straight" Omani men getting their thrills from the many khaneeth working the bars around town.

But of course you're only gay if you're the receiver!

Anonymous said...

Sad things are happening here. There is man in Muscat married knowing he is HIV positive and his wife too has desease now. This is his second wife the first wife died because of HIV from same man. The second wife took the man to court in Muscat as usuall with the courts here wasta rules. The monster didnt show any remorse and keep denying but woman has all evidence and witnesses in the end a court gave the monster a suspended one year sentence - this is jutice.

Anonymous said...

The first one, the Al Shamikh underwent sea trials earlier this year and failed them. The rumours are that the engines don't work:

They aren't rumours, its a fact. Engines failed, or mechanical issues as the BAE spokesperson said. Check Muscat Daily.

I wonder if the RNO have fined BAE SSS for the delay?

Yes they have. Was announced to the London Stock Exchange in the middle of June that BAE were fined 160mn pounds for the late delivery of the corvettes by Oman. Was apparently not reported in local press.

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