Merge 104.8 Now on air, website now online

Just a little blog to mark the occasion that Merge 104.8 and Chris, Rumaitha and Sayeh will be presenting daily. And Sami will be showcasing Omani talents every Friday evening.

They have a website here (be sure to check out the poll).

They have a Facebook page here.

They have a Twitter identity here.

Good luck!

le fin.
Merge 104.8 Now on air, website now online Merge 104.8 Now on air, website now online Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, June 07, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. why have they got no Omani's presenting ???? just like Hi fm

  2. Wow! Check out the Welcome page on the Facebook profile for Merge 104.8

    These guys are awesome!

  3. MM,
    It was cool meeting up with you yesterday!

    Omani Jewel,
    They DO have Omanis presenting: Rumaitha (a cool hip lady) everyday during the Lunch Break and Sami, a young Omani gentleman during "Oman Talents" on Friday evenings.

  4. I thought the same as OJ when I only saw the names of unknown provincial British presenters via Dubai: HiFM all over again - talking to a small audience of British expatriate 18-25s with learning difficulties.

    But...having heard the first couple of hours and seen how they are at least trying to approach things, it's OK. I mean, it's not great, and it's not what I would want to listen to. But the music is more varied than Hi, and after a shaky start I thought, it feels more competent than OFM while less generic than Hi.

    My expectations were low, but have been exceeded so far anyway. Really, not bad. I was expecting to give them a panning but although it took an hour for Mr Fisher to wake up, by GCC standards it was a perfectly decent performance so far.

    *Anon: "These guys are awesome"? Based on the content-light and error-strewn web page and one cautious debut show? I take it you're an employee, in which case here's a PR tip: If you're going to plant some "public opinion" at least make it look like it might be genuine. ;)

  5. Music so far is definitely more varied, but the Fisher dude is sort of corny, if you ask me. It's nice though, to be able to flip to 3 (wow) English stations here now.

  6. Mabrooooooooook MerGe!! ...congrats to the entire team !! ready to rock :)


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