Just a quickie: Borders is now closed at MCC

It's been coming for quite some time now... but Borders is finally closed at MCC.

Coincidentally, for Nando's fans, the MCC branch is due to open the 19th June.Below is a snap shared by the fairly active Nando's facebook page. They are also on twitter (and active). And they also have a pretty good website, detailing their menu and other things, found here.

Please also vote in the new poll.... which English language free newspaper do you read?

le fin.
Just a quickie: Borders is now closed at MCC Just a quickie: Borders is now closed at MCC Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, June 13, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. There's more than one English language free newpaper? Just kidding. THE WEEK of course!

  2. Do you know if Borders is e-locating??

    What will I do without MCC Borders ?? :(


  3. 'finally closed' means u already knew that it would eventually be closed?

  4. Anon number 2 - there was some discussion on Twitter a couple of days ago that apparently Borders would be re-opening in MCC, but in a smaller space. The sad thing was that if Borders had kept up their sale prices (i.e. realistic prices) they would have made more money instead of charging crazy prices for some things.

  5. Sad sad news... but with such good blogs to read, we will survive.
    Selling books in Oman is tricky business for many reasons. Who will be the smart entrepreneur who will bring LOCAL online purchases (print and ebooks) to Oman? Amazon shipping is costly, and few online book retailers provide electronic copies in Oman for legal reasons.

  6. Selling e-copies in Oman is always going to be problematic as long as people, businesses and even Government organisations take such a negative attitude to intellectual copyright.

    If even a Ministry steals proprietary software (or allows its staff to do so without disciplinary action), knowledge-based businesses will always be cautious.

    It's not just Oman; the whole GCC has the same problem. Most of the developing world does this, but for more economically advance countries like this one, it's a pity. Stealing is stealing.

  7. I am really glad that both Costa Coffee and WH Smith have opened at the Wave marina. Now we can just take a stroll for coffee and mags.

  8. Heard from a salesman at MCC that the location where Borders was and beneath it where Zara is will be renovated into a multiplex cinema.

    Hooray! :)

  9. Anon... u.. yes the last Anon... WTF, are u saying cinema is better that reading?
    Oh so sorry Hollywood and Bollywood are broadcasting knowledge more than books in fact... thank you both H & B... WTF *angry*

  10. OMG ,,,,, a cinema are you guys serious . I loved borders so much i used to spend in that place like 5 hours a week i just sat there and read books and the staff were really good people they never bugged you and you got soo many coool books there I cant believe they are opening a cinema instead of a good bookstore uhhh ,,, anyway when i went there i asked a girl from a diffrent shop and she said that they are openinng a freaking toy store instead so i guess cinema is kinda better option but i hope they open amazon bookstore or something instead .


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