The Ice Cream Crawl 2011!

This is a re-post from local restaurant review blog, Omani Cuisine (well worth reading by the way).


The Omani Cuisine knows that there is no better cure to the crazy heat of the summer than some delicious cold ice cream, and to help our lovely readers pick the best ice cream place in Muscat, the Omani Cuisine decided to go on a mission next week to have ice cream at all the major ice cream places in town in one single day - we will try them out, compare their offerings, and decide by the end of the day which place serves the best ice cream!
The Ice Cream Crawl will take place on Sunday the 29th of May and its program will be as follows:
  • 3.00pm to 3.45pm – Pinkberry  - Muscat City Center
  • 3.45pm to 4.15pm – Baskin Robins – Muscat City Center
  • 4.30pm to 5.15pm – Tropical – BankMuscat HQ
  • 5.30pm to 6.15pm – Dream Cone – Zakher Mall
  • 6.30pm to 7.15pm – Il Gelato di Bruno – Oasis by the Sea
  • 7.30pm to 8.00pm – Marble Slab Creamery  - Qurum City Center
  • 8.00pm to 9.00pm – Cold Stone – Qurum City Center
  • 9.15pm to 9.45pm – Softy – Ruwi
In hope of making a fair and proper judgement of the ice creams we have on this crawl, the Omani Cuisine has sought the professional assistance of former Forbes Journalist Stephanie Dahl who will be featured heavily as a guest blogger on this mission.
All of our readers are welcome to come cheer for us (and have some ice cream) at any of the places shown in the program above at the timings indicated. It would be fun to meet you guys in person and learn about what you consider to be the best ice cream in town!
You can RSVP to attend the Ice Crawl on Facebook here.


Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

le fin.
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  1. You have forgotten the one in Bareeq al Shatti....that is gud too!!

  2. Yes, the Cream and Fudge Factory in Bareeq al Shatti and not to mention Glaciers in Zakher Mall

  3. so which ice - cream is COOOOOOOOOOLest?? any freebies?


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