Free tickets! Alive Entertainment presents: Whose line is it anyway?

This is the last event until September, and is well worth going to. It starts at 9pm on the 8th of June and the tickets are RO 15.

Would you like to go to this event for free? I've got 2 tickets to give away! If you'd like to try your luck, email me at my usual address (found in the top right disclaimer) or simply leave a comment here. If you leave a comment make sure you leave a way for me to contact you!

The blurb...

This is the only show of its kind to cross quick witted improvised comedy with a game show.  There are no tricks, no scripts, no safety nets, just your suggestions and off they go!  Watch the comedy unfold before your eyes with this truly amazing comedy TV show brought to life on stage.

Steven Frost, Niall Ashdown, Steve Steen, Andy Smart and Ian Coppinger from the official TV show create characters, scenes and songs on the spot, based on audience suggestions.

Gordon Mackenzie, Managing Director of Alive Entertainment said “The return of this hugely popular comedy show to Oman is always a fantastic opportunity to witness improvised comedy by the experts!  It’s always a sell out so get your tickets fast.


Bon chance!
Free tickets! Alive Entertainment presents: Whose line is it anyway? Free tickets! Alive Entertainment presents: Whose line is it anyway? Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, May 30, 2011 Rating: 5


Sarah_J_Evans said...

I would LOVE two tickets for this!!


The Linoleum Surfer said...

Yes yes yes yes yes! Pretty please!

And if I get to go, I promise to blog about it afterwards!

Anonymous said...

....i would like to say some lines too...pick me up pleeeessseeee :)

Anonymous said...

i wanna go too... :)

Pawan said...

me me me !!

Anonymous said...

count me in the race!!

Fatima said...

I would totallyyyy Love to!!! Pretty please :) ty!

Sam said...

Once a dude left a comment,
His morals were already bent,
To get those tickets,
He'd jump some pickets,
Or even agree with dissent.

La Tarzane said...

New to town, and definitely looking for fun things to do and ways to meet people - thanks for this blog, it's a great place to start! And yes, I'd of course love a couple of tickets if they're going, I can be contacted at

di said...

me plz xx :-)

Rohit Pillai said...

Major whose line fan for years.
Would love getting those tickets.
Pick me please.

PLEASE!! (dnt ask y)

Modh Baluchi said...

i live comedy nights!!! i only wish that i can fimally win something from muscatmutterings...!

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