Blogger has been down, big things happened in Salalah last night and today.

Just a quick little blog today.

Blogger had some problems and they have deleted all posts and comments made since some point on Wednesday night. Consequently, my blog about Merge 104.8's launch date on June 7th has been scrubbed by Blogger. I'm not sure if they will restore it, they are apparently restoring peoples posts and comments. If you are reading this and was the commenter that posted about the Dhofari Power company, please get in touch - please email me at my usual email address - mrsythe *at* gmail *dot* com

Last night, at 8pm, the internet and mobile phones were switched off in the Dhofar region and helicopters and army trucks moved in on central Salalah. Many people were arrested and the army have occupied the area, preventing people from massing there today after Friday prayers. The mobile phone networks were switched back on around 10pm last night, but with very weak signals. Reportedly, the same actions took place here in Muscat on those who were still protesting in the Wizarat area of Al Khuwair.

I figure this will all be in the headlines of tomorrow's newspapers. It was a fairly annoying time for Blogger to stop working.

More tomorrow.

le fin.
Blogger has been down, big things happened in Salalah last night and today. Blogger has been down, big things happened in Salalah last night and today. Reviewed by Sythe on Friday, May 13, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Last night while we were in the comedy show the government gave out a statement on Oman News Agency that it has cleared out all the protestors and that basically "enough is enough":

    MUSCAT — An official security source said security and military authorities yesterday arrested a number of provocateurs in Muscat Governorate and Wilayat of Salalah.

    The source said deliberate inciting of rioting and public disorder by the detainees has reached a level that necessitated intervention to prevent them from continuing to break the law and stop their attempts to incite sedition, which has nothing to do with the public interest.

    The source said security authorities commends citizens and those who co-operated for they know the real intentions of those persons who committed the unacceptable and who have no justification to continue gatherings and sit-ins. The authorities affirmed they will not hesitate to apply the law and protect the security of citizens and the nation.

  2. Internet is back up in Salalah finally!!!!!!

  3. Man our demand for the removal of Dhofar Power Company's Indian management and placement of Omani management is very legit I guess. I am sure HM will look into this InshaALLAH. Long Live HM!!

    Let me give u guyz the organization structure of Dhofar Power Company which is 100 percent Omani government owned company:

    3)Director Transmission & Distribution :INDIAN
    4)Director Generation :INDIAN
    5)Director Planning : :INDIAN
    6)Director HR OMANI (Practically Ineffective)
    8)Manager T&D :INDIAN
    9)Manager Planning :INDIAN
    10)Manager HR :INDIAN

    Alongwith 100 percent Indian Top Management,90% of engineers are also from India!!!

  4. we at dhofar power company are really getting frustrated by the indian mafia created by the Indina CEO, Indian HR manager and the Indian Dirctors.
    We have held several meetings with the Chairman PAEW but to no avail.
    We request you to publish our comments (DhofariGucci, Muscat Confidential Andy in Oman and Susan AlShahri ) and even write even an essay on this issue.

    Muscat confidential once wrote an article on the Nationalization of Dhofar Power Company, but still the management of the Company is Indian who only recruit Indians and not let Omanis even apply for the vacancies.

    HM should be informed of our concerns and request that some Senior Omani CEO, HR manager and Senior Directors from X-Ministry of Electricity should be placed in these management positions.

  5. The Indian CEO and Indian HR manager of Dhofar Power Company including other Indian directors should be replaced with immediate effect. We don't understand why the Chairman of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water is supporting the CEO of our company so much when he could get any Senior Omani man from MHEW. He has created a big indian lobby here alongwith the strong support of HR manager. We want some Senior Omani from X- Ministry of Electricity to be placed as CEO , Deputy CEO and HR manager as our current Omani HR director is completely incapable. We can suggest some names also. We want the royal office to look into this demand most urgently. Moreover OPWP, Authority for Electricity Regulation should also have Senior Omani Management. There are many capable Senior Omanis serving as advisers with practically no active role in the Electricity Industry

  6. Indian CEO of DHofar Power Company is drawing more than 10000rial as monthly basic salary.


  7. I wonder if u can put all these comments together and write an article on Dhofar Power Company's Indian management and our concerns

    That would give the people higher - up a better idea as to what our grievances are please!!

    We will appreciate tht


  8. Just a thought, but maybe if you made your case on the grounds of competence or through the labour court (if someone's been denied promotion on nationality grounds), then it would get more sympathy. But saying people need to be removed just because of their nationality is just as bad, surely, as what you're accusing them of?

    As for how you go about it...maybe all those people should get together, choose a representative, form a proper staff association, and maybe even let their most eloquent and moral member stand for the Majlis al Shura and help him campagin: HM has handed over the tools to change things - if you erpresent a majority view, people will vote you into the Shura. If you're working in the interests of the people, make your case and convince the other members. Then you can pass a new law saying power companies must have at least 70% omanisation in every grade. Now the opportunity is there, I guess the Government is saying "put up or shut up"! After all, what's the point of giving power to the people if they won't make use of it, and think sitting on the floor is going to be more productive?

    I hope you're not offended by this. I'm just saying...if there's a system, play it. And there is. If you fight against it because it seems like a shorter route, the system will fight back and sooner or later nobody will care what the problem was in the first place.

  9. Agree with TLS - the constant whinging from Omanis about their plight and expecting the government to simply swap a (maybe) competent Indian, who WILL work as hard and as long (if not terribly efficiently) as necessary to complete their tasks with an Omani without any relevant qualifications, desire to learn or willingness to put in any effort whatsoever, unless it involves a salary increase!
    It has been pathetic to watch this latest round of ex pat departures, many of whom are highly specialised in their field, and who have contributed more towards the progression of the local economy than any bleeding heart "you must help me" local.


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