Sunday, March 20, 2011

The boys and girls at alive events have arranged another shin-dig! This time it's Westlife, on Wednesday 13th April, and it's an all age event. Tickets are RO 25 or RO 50 depending on how close to the stage you want to be. They go on sale at 6pm tomorrow, the 21st March at the usual outlets:

Bose Qurum, Al Ghazal Pub and the OUA store in MQ.


le fin.


AmasE°♥ said...

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i have to go yaaaaaaay westlife i can't imaging.... omg omg my family won't let me go i have to figure out a way to go :(

Loola said...

As much as I despise Westlife, it's good to see more of these kind of events in Muscat.

C said...

he he i'd go coz there wont be anything else happening that weekend in muscat!!

Mimi said...

I'm in love with Westlife and I have so many childhood memories with their songs! I love them so much!

I can't believe they're coming to Oman!

I should find a way to go!!!! :(

Mimi said...

AmasE maybe we can go together? I'm serious!

I hope my family will let me go!!

AmasE°♥ said...

hiiiii Mimi contact me on facebook if u are serious.... i'm planning to go (secret) but haaaasssshhh don't tell anyone... my sis and i seriously want to attend this concert, we never been to a concert except in London... i don't know how will be the situation here but hopefully everything will go in the right way

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