Help a local blogger, and Tim Hortons

Firstly, in an effort to help local blogger Olga of Happily Married to a Biker, please keep your eyes peeled for her husbands bike, which was half-inched a few days ago in the automotive crime hotspot of 18th November Street.

So please, let Olga know if you have seen her bike! Let's hope for a repeat of Other Oman's success last year in finding a stolen Xterra. The person who nicked that Xterra probably ditched it after realising it was crap ;)

Next up: Timmies!

Now those of you that know, know. There's simply no comparison when it comes to coffee and doughnuts: Tim Hortons has the rest of the competition licked. I was quite excited to read this morning that Tim Hortons have signed up with UAE based Apparel Group to open up to 120 outlets in the following countries: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman!

5 locations are to be opened this year, but it was not clear in the news coverage where these 5 locations would be opened. I'll update if I hear anything new!

More soon.

le fin.
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  1. Oh my GOSH! Kasey! We are getting Timmies! It is safe for you to move back to the Gulf now from Canada! :D

  2. Am I the only one who thinks it's a little strange for the UAE to be partnering with an iconic Canadian company?

    Like what? We're only good enough if you can make money off us? Otheriwse stay the f*** out?

    However I'm more then chuffed! Timmies was always my favorite for a soup and sandwich lunch. I hope they don't cop out and just do coffee doughnuts :( Bring back stew in a bread bowl!


  4. Totally - lunch at Timmies, or cream cheese bagel .... mmmmmmmm!

    I, too, hope it will not only serve sweets :) ... And that they'll open one, just ONE, please, in Salalah ... We are still waiting for them to finally open that ONE Subway :( ...

    @Angry - I totally agree. Won't let us into the country unless we pay $250 for a visa, but will open a bunch of Timmies!!! Arghhhhh!

    It will be even worse if UAE gets the first batch that are opening ...

    Oh well, at least there's something to look forward to - and it's funny, but after a few years in Salalah, it's not clothes, or music, or girls in mini-skirts, no, no, it's always FOOD! :)

  5. Go to Apparel Group's website, click on the link that gives you the background of the company and see how Emirati it is. It's an Indian family that's been in the UAE since the early 1900s and never took the Emirati nationality. It's the same family that owns the Lakhoo's money exchanges here in Oman and the Raymond's men's tailoring shops.

    I know the family, decent folks. But there's no politics in business and I'm sure this franchise deal must have been in discussion for months long before the political crises between the UAE and Oman.

    Apparel Group really believes in the Omani market. And the shops they opened in City Center here are still open. I'm not sure if Oman's gonna have any of the 5 Tim Horton stores opening this year - I seriously doubt it, but it's good news that Apparel's their partner. It means they are definitely coming to Oman.

  6. Great news!
    Like Angry, I simply love those soup-in-a-bun meals!!! Timmies!!!

  7. I don't think, somehow, that Oman will be in the priority list for the initial outlets.

  8. Soup in the bread bowl is THE BEST!

    Olga: I hope you get your husband's bike back inshaAllah:)

  9. Double-Double,Timbits to go and Roll Up the Rim to win!

    Invest in a membership at Horizons Fitness first or prepare to replace your wardrobe.

    Enjoy eh!


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