30 seconds to Mars details

The details are finally out. If you are a Nawras Shababiah customer, you can buy a ticket for RO 15 (or RO 35 for VIP). Regular pricing is RO 20 and VIP is RO 40. March 10th from 7:00pm.

You can buy tickets from the following Nawras locations:

MCC, QCC and Azaiba, or you can call 9555 5699 for more information.

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30 seconds to Mars details 30 seconds to Mars details Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. wow this is sooooo gaaaaay. Can't you get better singers!!?

  2. haha i was going to say the same thing. Queerest looking band since savage garden!

  3. This band is SO amazing, I'm gutted I can't go :(

  4. The Band is great.. Thank you HI FM & Shababiah

  5. Jared Leto (the Band singer) is a great actor also... :) :) :)

  6. Hey mr. sythe!

    They have some really really good music. I really want to go, but won't be able to T-T

    I got a question concerning the vip and regular sections (I'm asking on behalf of friend who's going) is there actually a difference between them? Cos my friend heard from another friend that at the intercon. the sections are pretty much all the same, nothing special about the vip simply. So do you know of any more info. about the VIP section?

    Btw, VIP tickets go on sale tmw.

  7. I also agree with the Anonymous person before me, he is a good actor; Requiem for a Dream, gob smacking movie if you haven't see it yet. He was also in Fight Club.

  8. Hi there Zaytoon -

    The difference in VIP and regular are as follows:

    1. Queue jump to get in.
    2. Free complimentary drink.
    3. Private bar & toilets
    4. Stage front access, only 2m away from the stage - regular ticket holders stand in a second section, 15m - 20m away from the stage.

  9. I've seen the even invite on FB. that's cool :)

  10. What is Shababiah btw ?


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