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Well here we are, at the start of the 3rd weekend of 2011. the first weekend was excellent - it was my birthday and I had a great time, but then in the middle of the week last week I got some sad news about a close friend which has kind of had me in a flat-spin ever since.

But, I'm back; and I've got a few things to blog about so this is going to be one of my poorly structured blogs with loads of different things in it. Okay then.....

Rob & Hanna: The fund raiser was an amazing success. I've never seen so many people in the rugby club before, and it showed that we as a community still care and can pull together in times of need. I have been told that approximately RO 7,000 was raised for them. That'll certainly help them, I wish Hanna a full and speedy recovery.

MRFC won a game! Yes, its true, I promise! The Muscat boy's finally managed to get a Win in the Gulf leagues, taking down a very strong Al Ain side 30 - 27. About bloody time - well done guys, it was a well fought victory.

And one last rugby club related issue... sadly a long-term member of the expatriate community here in Muscat passed away last weekend - Alan Flanagan passed away on the 14th January 2011, aged just 55 years. He had worked here for 14 years for a consultancy company previously known as BBL, but now known as Currie & Brown. He was a staunch supporter of the club and will be missed. There will be a memorial service tomorrow at 5pm at the rugby club for those who wish to pay their respects to Alan.

On a happier note, local band 123 Orion's gig at the Royal Flight is fully sold out (well done) and local celebrity blogger, Undercover Dragon of Muscat Confidential has even given away some free tickets to the gig. It should be a laugh, and those that are going are all donating to a good cause as well.

The new roads. I'm talking about the Muscat Expressway and the Amerat-Bousher link. I've driven both, and they're both great roads to drive, hopefully it'll help ease congestion on the main SQ highway and the 18th November street. The Qurum interchange is now quite slow but I guess it's nothing when compared to the time saved by those commuting in from al hail and beyond. A few days ago, it was published in the paper that 20 people had been caught speeding on the new express way (not the amerat road). The fastest driver.... 270 KM/h. Really? And then a whole raft of drivers all caught around 190+ KM/h. The only way to stop that amount of ridiculous speeding is to come down on these people hard. Take their license for a few months/year, heavy fine, whatever it takes. Because what I suspect will happen is that they'll do a quick stop in at the ROP Hilton for a day or two, and have their car confiscated for a week, and maybe a fine. I have noticed however, that there are more and more temporary camera's being deployed by the ROP, so that's a good thing, I hope they keep it up.

I also think that a camera (video) should be set up on the new Amerat road, where the hair-pin bends are. It's only a matter of time before someone attempts to drift the hairpins Initial-D style! I was watching the barriers very closely and didn't see scratch on them.... yet! I'll check next week after the weekend! Perhaps an enterprising business man might want to open a tire and bodywork shop at the bottom of the hill :)

Tom the Cyclist. He's back, after his gruelling jolly around the Sultanate these past 2 months (he started on the 11th of November). Admittedly, I meant to blog an update on his progress but had an attack of extreme procrastination and then forgot about it. Sorry about that Tom. But here's how you can help:

Tom's charity ride was well supported by Omantel (and a few others) for the actual journey, but not a lot of cash has been earned for Charity yet.... Tomorrow evening at 7pm there is a fund raiser at the Dolphin Complex near to Muscat Private Hospital. Tickets cost RO 10 and there are also some raffle tickets on sale and you can also purchase a T shirt if you want. Well done Tom, hope your butt doesn't have too many blisters!

There were a few other things I was going to write about but I think they can wait until next week.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

le fin.
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  1. Surprising; you never commented on our demonstration at the Ministry.

  2. The Independent has reported today about demonstrations across the Middle East following the downfall of the Tunisian goverment. They have happened in Egypt, Libya, Yeman, Algeria and Oman!! Obviously nothing in the local press, do you know anything?

  3. Speed is not the problem. There are many de-restricted roads in several parts of the world, where accidents don't occur. The problem is the ridiculously low level of driver education in Oman. Hmm, now that is a story for you sir. Why not start at the root of the problem. A moron teaches a moron how to drive. The rest is easy to put in place. Fatalities every day, idiots slowing down to see an accident and then causing one themselves, teenagers (both male and female alike) driving badly with no concept of car control or safety, a lack of interest in what tyres and brakes mean for a car, a reluctance to indicate cause my friends who see my car with a flashing amber lens will think I'm "uncool"... etc etc. And it is not just the Omanis. The drivers from the "subcontinent" are worse: no confidence or judgement.

    Oh and my favourite, some dingbat beeps me at the Ghubra roundabout because I actually waited for the light to turn green before I took off!


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