More news on Canadians entering the UAE

A few more developments in the recent rule change for Canadian passport holders who wish to visit the UAE.

The first is that if you are flying with Etihad or Emirates, you can get a greatly discounted visit visa issued by either of these airlines. This story highlights that for $61.50 on Emirates and $68 on Etihad, you can obtain a Visit visa for the UAE - if you book ahead. (Click the link and read about it as there are a lot of qualifying requirements).

Secondly. I finally got in touch with the UAE embassy here in Oman (their number is 2440 0000). I asked their immigration section about what the process would be for Canadians living in the GCC who wish to visit the UAE. The answer I received was.... confusing. They wanted to know what my job was here, who my sponsor was, and then finally how long I have been here in Oman for. Rather strange, it seems that there is some confusion to the rules I guess. They were insistent on one thing though, that Canadians living here in Oman (or any GCC country) must have been here for at least 6 months before the GCC visa will be granted.

Seems strange to me, but there you have it!

le fin.
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