A fundraiser for a very good cause.

Hello everyone.

Some of you will already know about this, and perhaps more of you have heard the sorry tale of Hanna Mitchell and her partner Rob McConnon. Rather than re-write the story, I'll paste the email that the ANZO committee sent out to it's mailing list yesterday.


Many of you may have heard of the recent medical drama suffered by Hanna Mitchell, a young Australian working in Oman with her partner Rob McConnon. Hanna and Rob have both been active members of the Muscat Gaelic and Australian Football Club, and as such we are co-ordinating some efforts to help them out.

Hanna underwent what seemed to be a routine surgery here in Muscat, but ended in Intensive Care with a brain injury that has left her partially paralyzed, unable to talk, and facing a medical system not able to offer the necessary specialist rehabilitation. It has been a horrendous ordeal which Hanna, Rob and their families have had to go through; it could have been anyone of us, or our loved ones lying helpless in a hospital bed far away from home.

Things improved to the stage where Hanna was able to be airlifted back to Australia where she has now entered a specialized rehabilitation centre and begins a long, but hopeful road to recovery. As a result of these unfortunate events both Rob and Hanna have had to leave their jobs here and will return to Australia permanently. They have also incurred significant costs to date and will continue to do so throughout an extended recovery period.

Of course the most important thing is that Hanna gets better and gets the best medical treatment possible but for a young couple who are planning to get married this summer it is a heavy financial burden. Many people have asked what they can do to help in some small way. This coming Wednesday 12th January 2011 at the Muscat Rugby Club a function is being held with all proceeds going towards helping Hanna and Rob get back on their feet. With Hanna safely back in Australia, Rob is back in Oman for a short time to tie up loose ends, and so it is also an opportunity to say goodbye.

The function will be a casual affair - drinks from 7:30pm, with several prizes being raffled, a donation box, etc.

If you are unable to come on Wednesday night but want to contribute - in cash or in kind (e.g. items of value that can be raffled) please contact Pete Rigby, who is co-ordinating on behalf of the club, on +968 9921 1203 or E-mail: peter.rigby@lamor.com.

Please bring as many friends and family as possible - everyone is welcome, and we look forward to seeing you there for a good night out.


It is also worth repeating that if you would like to donate something (either money or a prize that could be auctioned) please do get in touch with Pete Rigby on 9921 1203. What happened to Hanna was and continues to be a terrible tale. I hope she has a full recovery.

One other small point worth mentioning is that between 6 and 8 on Wednesday evenings at the Muscat Rugby Club, all food and drinks will have a 25% discount.

The club house is very close to the ABA school and it is located here.

le fin.
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  1. Thanks for plugging this Sythe, I'm hoping everyone who can, support the cause.

  2. what surgery? who fucked it up? where??

  3. PS Chris Fisher and I will be playing some tunes at the event as well to try and keep people there and get them to part with more money, hope we get a great turn out, thanks for promoting it.

  4. Congratulations Peter and everyone who made this such a successful evening. It restores my faith in mankind, god bless you all, and Inshallah, Hanna will make a full and speedy recovery. Best Regards, Busy Bee's


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