Canadian Visa requirements for the UAE

Well the ongoing spat between Canada and the UAE just got turned up a notch:

The UAE have announced Visa requirements for Canadians who wish to visit the UAE (source).

The requirements are many, and the fees are expensive.

The fee's are:

Multiple Entry Visa $1000 (Valid for 6 months, maximum stay in UAE 14 days each visit)
Long term Visa $500 (Valid for 3 months, not renewable)
Short term Visa $250 (Valid for 30 days, not renewable)

And, they must be paid by either Money Order, Certified Cheque or Draft Cheque with the correct amount in Canadian Currency needs to be made payble to the UAE Embassy, Ottawa. Yes, that's correct. Canadians have to apply for a UAE visit visa at the UAE Embassy in Ottawa.

There is no mention of what Canadians living in the GCC with valid resident visa's of their host GCC member country. I rang the Dubai Department of Naturalization and Residency and enquired about what Canadians with GCC visa's need to do for a visit visa to the UAE and was told that they must apply via the UAE Embassy in Canada. I'll talk to the UAE Embassy here in Oman next week and get a confirmation of that and update.

This, however, flies in the face of what is stated on their website here:

It states:

Passengers entry – expatriates living in GCC countries
This involves expatriates living in GCC countries and who are permitted to enter UAE territories

Required Documents: Original passport or e-gate card
Valid residence permit (as appearing on the passport) and issued by competent authorities in GCC countries

Fees & Collection:
AED 100

Special Notes:

This service shall be offered at:
Dubai International Airport – Terminal (1)
Dubai International Airport – Terminal (2)
Rashid Port
Jebel Ali Port
Shendagha Port
Al-Hamriyah Port
Hatta Border Point

So, basically, for those Canadians that live in the GCC (with a valid visa/resident card) are still in limbo as to what should be done for a visit visa to enter the UAE, and noticeably the Al Ain border point was not listed (presumably as that is not in the Emirate of Dubai).

You've just got to love the organization skills of the Emiratis, eh?

le fin.
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  1. Oh, well, that makes a trip to Ikea too expensive then. Let's all got to Bahrain, Qatar, and KSA for the weekends then:D

  2. it will be cheeper for canadians to fly to the naboring countries then to go on a few day stay in the Emirates.

  3. Muppets, but I would expect nothing less.

  4. if it's any consolation the canadian embassy in abu dhabi is pretty much in the same league. even though visa requirements are clearly highlighted on their website, there's no follow up method other than via email/website. even if you try calling them up, you'll just have to sit and listen to the whole menu, with a final note saying "if you have any more inquiries please visit our website". it may be more organized than the UAE, but its neither convenient nor straightforward, its quite a hassle trying to obtain a Canadian visa - EVEN if its for a study permit!!

  5. Question- can someone please decipher what "Valid for 6 months, maximum stay in UAE 14 days each visit" means?

    I'm presuming it means you're doing a visa run every 14 days?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. These fees are too expensive. I wonder how Canadians react on these new changes. new zealand immigration


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