Eid holidays declared

The Eid holidays for the Government sector have been declared:

Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th, back to work on Saturday 20th.

Currently no announcement has been made for the Private sector, I'll update this when it is made, but speculation is that it'll be 15th-18th, back on the 20th.

Private sector holidays have now been confirmed - it's the 15th - 18th - back to work on the 20th. No official word on any further holidays in December.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

what a crock of sh**
Last yr we got a week!
What about the special '40th' year deal??

Anonymous said...

ditto, ditto, ditto!!!!!!

Loola said...

Can we please be a bit more grateful for public holidays at all??

Expat Mummy said...

The rumour mill says that the National day holidays are probably going to be in December a week for the Asian Beach Games??

Delirious in the Desert said...

THANK YOU Loola, enough said!

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