Weekend round up.

Ahh, Wednesday you shady lady, you're here again.

There's quite a lot going on this weekend, and here's my pick:

Wednesday night:

You might want to go and check out the circus at Qurum park. I've not heard any reviews on this, so if you've been, please do share your experiences with the rest of us.

Thursday night:

It's the 80's bash at t'intercon gardens. I've got my outfit sorted, keep your eyes peeled for my delightfully tacky gold chain, and sunglasses! For those of you that have been living in Muscat for a few years, you might remember the time before Hi FM started bringing acts to Muscat.... there was nothing here. We should support these gigs so that we get more...

Gates open at 7pm, and tickets cost RO 20.000 a pop. Call 9555 5699 for ticketing information.


Muscat are taking on last seasons league champions, Bahrain in the only sport that matters at 4pm. Yes I'm talking about rugby again, and yes I'm asking you all to please come down and support the guys as they face up to last seasons champions. Real David and Goliath stuff - it should be good.
The kids section of the rugby club will be having a demonstration at 3pm on the field, ahead of the 4pm kick off of against Bahrain. If you would like to come, but don't know how to get to the field, click here for a map showing you where the field is, its right next to the ABA school in Al Khuwair.

le fin.
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  1. Oooooh - I haven't heard anything about the circus at all - need to check that one out.

    We are going to the 80's bash - looking forward to seeing all the crazy outfits - should be a giggle and bring back some memories !!

    Looking forward to the rugby too - Jacob is doing the pre match training thing - so should be good.

    Looks like a busy weekend indeed ! I totally agree with you about supporting the acts that come here - before Hifm it was so dull - nothing to do, now at least we have some events going on - I mean it's not Beyonce - but hey it's better than sitting at home watching re-runs of Star Trek !!!! Definately get out there and support these acts - if we don't go, they will stop coming to Oman - having said that do you not think that 20 Riyals is a bit pricey for an 80's party - especially when you know the drinks are going to cost you an arm and a leg ?

  2. Packed weekend. Muscat's exciting, eh? Call before you go to the circus. They tend to cancel shows last minute. They say it was because it was the first week, and this weekend onwards they're going full swing. Check the papers (ToO, 29 Sept) for numbers to call.
    No animals, and the big top is in fact not so big. The tent is rectangular and the organiser assures me it can seat a 1000. The acts are decent enough for families who want to introduce their kids to a circus. Overall, I'd say go.

  3. Just back from the circus. It is worth going just for something different for the kids but don't expect too much. The kids enjoyed it and that is what matters I guess.

  4. The 80's party did not live up to expectations... Would have been better if the DJ would have kept on going. Small crowd...


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