Something for the weekend?

Ahh, Wednesday has arrived once again!

I guess the biggest entertainment news of the weekend is that tomorrow is the opening day of the Grand Circus down at Marah Land (Qurum Park). Thanks to the Omani Brit over on English Girl in Oman for posting the flyer (it's nice to see you blogging again!)

Tickets start at RO 2, and go up to RO 5 for a VIP pass - no clue what that gets you though - probably better seating I'm guessing. The show is rumoured to be 2 hours long, starting at 7pm. It's running for a month so it will hopefully be something many of us can go along and see.

Now, on a more serious note, I read yesterday with some concern over on another local blogger Mimi of Shy Rebellious Arab Girl about the plight of blind Dhofari women. According to her findings, it appears to be the general trend that blind Dhofari women are kept out of sight in their family houses and remain uneducated for their entire lives. I hope that this is not true, but if it is, something must be done for these poor women. Certainly more attention needs to be paid to those who are differently abled here in the Sultanate.

And finally, a shout out to the Muscat Rugby 1st XV who are flying to Kuwait this weekend for the season opener - good luck! Their first home game is next weekend against Bahrain (the winners of the last season) which should prove to be a stiff challenge for the local lads.

le fin.
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  1. Go Muscat!!!

    @ShyRebelliousArabGirl's Post: Hiding illnesses/disabilities is very common in Oman by families due to lack of education.

    Many children with mental disabilities are neglected from education ect... because of... I don't know what, family name/pride???

    Thank you for re-posting!


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