Couch Surfing, and a local blog highlight.

Well today I was going to blog about Couch Surfing, seeing as I happen to know a local host or two, and well it was in the Muscat Daily today. However, local blogger Delirious in the Desert beat me to it by publishing this post earlier today.

Just while we're on Muscat Daily for a second, and to some extent, The Week too, I keep seeing evidence of poor copy & pasting journalism. In a recent issue of The Week, in the centre section which highlights a tourist destination, someone had gone to the effort of converting the US$ amounts suggested for various items, yet failed to modify the text, so it still read as if the reader was in the United States when reading the article. On today's front page, above the fold, there is a news brief on two plane's that collided here in China. Sloppy work guys. Sloppy.

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More tomorrow.

le fin.
Couch Surfing, and a local blog highlight. Couch Surfing, and a local blog highlight. Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, August 01, 2010 Rating: 5


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

I love the CSers!!!!!!!!! most of them are soooooooo nice and totally saved my butt when I was stranded here in Oman.

Alex said...

Read the dateline - it says Beijing, China. So 'here' would mean Beijing and that is the accepted style especially in newspapers.
But I guess most people don't notice the dateline.

Sythe said...

Alex, you might have a point. But Newswire news from China, above the fold on the front page, on a Muscat daily? Am I the only one questioning this?

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