Weekend manouvers.

Well another 4-day week is drawing to a close, and the weekend is nearly upon us once again. Phew.

All the usual spots are open, with the exception of the Park Inn roof top bar, which will remain closed now until after Ramadan. It's too hot anyway!

You may want to go and check out the new Zouk club at the Crowne Plaza if you have not already been. It's a great spot, but there has been some confusion over the concept of a cover charge on the door. So, here is the breakdown:

All 7 days a week: 7pm-10pm no cover charge or entry fee.
Weekdays: 10pm onwards – RO10/per couple which is fully redeemable against your bill
Weekends:10pm onwards – RO20/per couple which is fully redeemable against your bill

That means that you pay RO 20 to get inside the club, and then you have a RO 20 credit inside the club which is redeemable against food or drink available in there. I understand that there will be a smart card launched very soon which will make things easier - you are given a card with RO 20 balance on it, and just use that to pay for food & drinks until it's empty, then you can carry on as normal. The club welcomes groups and the after-work corporate crowd tonight from 7pm - not a bad way to start the weekend, if you can get your boss to pony up with the cash!

Alternatively, tomorrow night the St Georges Society are holding a quiz night at the Rugby Club. There is a set price menu of RO 5 which will get you a suitably English themed dinner and desert. Draught beers are RO 2.3 & glasses of wine for RO 1.8.

Thursday & Friday you may want to sneak in a fry-up at the Blue Marlin marina restaurant (10% discount to all WGO card holders), or if you're feeling like something more, on Friday you could check out the InterCon's Scottish Corner breakfast/brunch. I'm told the Scottish corner is becoming quite popular. This week will be the last one until after the schools start again.

Friday afternoon brings the fabulous Sundowner deal at the Left Bank. Pay RO 20 per person and then help yourself to unlimited Tapas and Cocktails (and selected beers) for 3 hours between 4 & 7pm. Last week was carnage!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

le fin.
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