ROP crack down on Road Safety "turns" blind eye to Retail concerns

What a nice weekend that turned out to be?!

I even went for a drive in Bertha down to Yiti. The old road is such a nice drive I find. Normally, on my frequent trips to Ruwi, I take Qurum heights road, as opposed to the other road via Hatat House. Seeing as I was heading for Hamriyah on the weekend, I figured I'd go via Wattayah. The road works are progressing at the Qurum wadi crossing, and now it looks like the final part of the bridge is being completed and hopefully the road works will be finished soon.

Imagine my shock when I saw the following sign (picture taken by a passenger!)

Click on the photo to make it bigger so you can really see what the sign is suggesting. Yes, that's right, some bright spark thought that it genuinely would be a good idea to have shoppers headed for The Sultan Centre (and the Al-Harthy Complex) to do a U-Turn on what is possibly the busiest stretch of highway in the country. That is staggeringly stupid. I wonder if ROP approval had to be given for this sign? Or whether ROP approval was even sought?

Now as I said, I do not regularly drive this route so have not much of an idea when this new route was made (and the subsequent kamikaze sign) but what on earth is going on there? Someone should take that sign down before a serious accident occurs.

le fin.
ROP crack down on Road Safety "turns" blind eye to Retail concerns ROP crack down on Road Safety "turns" blind eye to Retail concerns Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, July 11, 2010 Rating: 5


L_Oman said...

That area of the hi-way is just a complete nightmare and I always grit my teeth when either I'm driving there or I'm a passenger. Terrifying!

scarlet pimpernel said...

Noticed this sign yesterday !! surely no rop approval was sought and i am sure this great idea popped inside the brain of some top sultan center official

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

LOL. Driving in Oman.

Anonymous said...

sorry mate, i think you are mistaken, its not a u turn, its just a temporary turn to sultan. If you look at the picture properly then you will see what im saying, we are in Oman and its right hand drive, do you see any cars going the opposite way?

Jet Driver said... need to jump up a peg!
Get a snips, drive back.....and take the damn thing DOWN!

No point in blogging about a danger and LEAVING IT THERE!

Action is required. Take it!


Sythe said...

L_Oman - it has been years - I hope you're well :)

Thanks for the comments everyone.

To the anonymous poster....

1. How do you make such a sharp turn (albeit temporary, which I think everyone realises) without slowing right down and thus creating an obstacle to otherwise flowing traffic?

2. When you make the turn, what are you supposed to do about the cars exiting the petrol station at Al Harthy Complex and joining the highway? Play chicken?

Jet Driver - always a pleasure. Perhaps this is a valid training mission for the Basia Bus One crew? :)

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