The Asian Beach Games - an update

For all those who happen to have been wondering about the Beach games project, here's a little update. The construction of the marina is complete (thanks to Carillon) and the structures are coming along (thanks to Larsen & Touboro) as well.

The big question is this: Will they be ready for the December 8th start date? I hazard a guess that it'll be all right on the night, but it's going to be a hairy ride getting there. Completion is slated for October 2010, and with the photo's above, it's a bit hard to tell. The two main accommodation blocks do not appear to have the exterior render works complete yet, and there's no way to tell how far the interiors are progressing. Time will tell, it's not good news that Ramadan is fast approaching, either (by that I mean, traditionally productivity falls dramatically during the Holy month).

I did read with some amusement on the official Muscat 2010 website that Al-Musannah Sports City (city?!) is expecting to cater to 50,000 spectators over the course of the event. I hope they get those kind of numbers, I really do. I've got some questions though:

2000 athletes are expected to be participating in the games - where will they be staying? The two major structures do not look like they could adequately house all of the athletes, and I have not heard any news on the development of the "Athletes village". Has it been scrapped in favour of a tent city? I'm told that all of the hotel rooms and apartments in the two buildings have already been booked out for various people (not athletes though) - so it is an interesting situation.

How is the venue going to be powered? By the national grid? It's possible I guess, the heat will not be bad in December, meaning lower A/C usage. I wonder if there will be a Generator farm?

How are the games to be attended? I understand that this will be a free event with no cost for tickets per-se, but when will we see the schedule? I imagine the women's beach volleyball games will be well attended :) It's one thing for us here in Muscat to decide to nip up the road on the weekend to go and laugh at watch teams play Kabaddi, it's entirely something different for supporters from other countries who are attempting to arrange trips to come and support their teams.

Do you intend to visit the Games in December?

le fin.
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Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Yes!!!!!!!!! I love the beach games.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Am soooooooooo excited.

Expat Mummy said...

We did notice yesterday that the count down clock outside the ministries has been switched off!

Rummy said...

I was going to note the the same thing as Expat Mummy. And yes I do intend to go to the Beach Games. At least for once some event that takes you out of Muscat for a change.

But I do agree with you, I'm very skeptical if they ar going to finish on time.

pierre said...

i have tried to drive out there yesterday but could not find it. Has anybody got clear directions to the place?

Anonymous said...

Regarding accomodation for athletes- where is there a nearby massive workers camp which is pretty much empty? Think about it......

Sythe said...

Thanks everyone for your comments - please do keep them coming.

OPNO - It should be fun, I'm looking forward to seeing them too, a first for me.

Expat Mummy & Rummy - Thanks for pointing that out. I'm sure it just broke or something.

Pierre - Go to the Main Wudham R/A (from Muscat side) and turn right. Drive to the end of that road and turn Right again, then after a short while, it's on your left.

Anonymous - I seriously doubt that the Blue City labour camp will be used, there would be an uproar from the athletes.

Thats What I said...

2,000 athletes and accompanying officials , media and foreign tourists , ball park figure = more than 4,000
Say 50% share a room = 1000 rooms and 50% are single = 1000 rooms total 2000 rooms
The front of the bottom building you have shown is 130 rooms , it looks like the other side is also rooms so that’s 260 rooms
Assuming the other building s its twin that is 520 rooms (half single = 260 people and half double = 520 people total people accommodated) = 780 people (was it 2,000 athletes)
Any idea where the other xxx rooms are ? There is a four star hotel, serviced apartments, an events plaza, an Athletes’ Village, a range of retail and restaurant facilities, and a 400,berth marina, a hub for the Games to be seen internationally with the construction of the Games Command Centre, Information Technology Control Centre, and International Broadcast Centre.
Must be on site some where, the nearest hotels are in Muscat or will they use transportation to move the balance 1,000 plus athletes, not forgetting the extra officials and hanger ons ,27, 45 seat coaches or 61, 20 seat coaches
The dates shown are 8/16 December so they still have 5 months to go (the ‘planned’ October build finish will be shunted back) but there is an official athletes village opening on 20th November to think about
There is Ramadhan, National Day to draw official attention elsewhere
The build up is almost as exciting as the game will be

Thats What I said...

Oh! it will be even more exciting,Omram are the supervising body

Sythe said...

TWIS - My sources tell me all of the rooms in the new buildings have been booked out by VIP/Sponsors/Officials. Perhaps the Oman team will stay in those buildings, but that is speculation. What is fact, is that the athletes will not be staying in those buildings, they are to stay in an athletes village, which has not been built as far as I'm aware. The figure of 2000 athletes is inclusive of accompanying officials. Media & tourists are to fend for themselves, hence me asking the question in the first place. In fact ABG are attempting to sell the media rights to the games as well (there's a tender currently floated).

Anonymous said...

My million rial question is- is all this money being spent for a 9 day event only? What will happen to the developments after the MAGB? (as the officials, MAGBOC so lovingly call it).

What else will it be used for? Tourism? sold of for next to nothing?

Its me.

Thats What I said...

Ah ! so Omran have set their priorities for the 2,000 people:
the officials will stay in the building(s) you photographed.
So thats the 520 rooms on site sorted out for the lucky 780 people or less.
The people who are the actual events, the athletes, will stay in yet to be decided on accommodation, who can tell perhaps Blue City has been earmarked.
And Media are to fend for themselves and make suitable reports back home. Perhaps they will be with the foreign tourists who will be staying in the 250 room 4 star hotel managed by Millennium as their first property in Oman
Looks interesting

Thats What I said...

any updates on the facilities - or even bets on the use of Blue City ?

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