Resuming transmission.

And I'm back.

A combination of laziness, work, social activities and a vacation got in the way of me blogging.

But now here we are. A few things to blog about today:

Intercon Hotel. So the Intercon people decided to setup a large World Cup tent so people can watch the games (and buy drinks). Except that they had their license to sell alcohol removed because of selling to minors. I dont know if the license has been reinstated yet, but thats just very foolish from the Intercon management. I'm told that the Duke at the Crowne Plaza has been decked out in astro-turf... how, erm? sporty?

And in other unfortunate news, as broken on twitter and then picked up by Other Oman the other night - a man in his early 20's drowned in the Intercon pool 2 days ago. He and his friends were drinking and his friends thought he was acting. Terrible really.

I recently took a vacation, and flew with my airline of choice, Etihad. This time my wife and I got upgraded to Business class. Unlike the fortunate first class flyer Muscat Jet Driver, I am usually permanently doomed to Economy (cattle class). Perhaps one day I'll experience the luxury of First Class on a long haul flight, but I suspect that day will be a long way off. However, I do have this report on Etihad Business Class for an Etihad Airbus A330: The service is great, you suddenly become a human, the food / drink choices are much better, and the cafe service which was available the entire time was great as well. The chairs have a massage machine built into them, which certainly made for a nice relaxing change from the usual cattle herders in the back. The lay-flat beds, were built for children. I got off the plane after 8 or so hours with a sore back as a result of attempting to sleep but just not even getting close! I was grateful for the upgrade, it was a nice experience, but now I know about the chairs, I'll not be paying for it any time soon. Additionally, 3 people I was aware of in Business had faulty entertainment systems (my wife was one of them) - not really very good!

I'd love to see what First class is like! I'm sure if I found a suitcase full of money I'd probably complain about the colour of the bag.

More from here soon!

le fin.
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  1. Why Etihad when you have Qatar/Emirates? Etihad also loses extra points for having Abu Dhabi airport has its hub.

    -Omani in US

  2. Because Etihad fly direct to Toronto. And I started flying with them before emirates started to offer the same route.

  3. I also got upgraded to Business Class with Etihad a few days ago. Which surprised me, because I purchased an economy ticket. As utterly cool as it was, it still keeps me wondering until now. Is it some sort of their program to give a random upgrade for their customers? Or what is it?



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