Local spot light: Muscat Buy or Sell

For those of you that are facebook users, you probably will have at least seen this facebook group: Muscat Buy or Sell. This group is for locally based people who are looking to flog stuff. It's an electronic version of the Al Fair supermarket notice board. All sorts of items appear to be up for sale, ranging from pets, kitchen equipment, electronics, cameras, furniture and vehicles.

If you're looking for a bargain, it is worth at least having a look. It appears to have been a group started by a South African (perhaps I'm wrong) by the name of Azelene Williams and has been gathering speed at a remarkable pace.

As the summer slow-down takes hold, and the wives flee to cooler climates, I wonder if we will see adverts tail off, or pick up? I suspect gadget sales will do just fine. Anyone for an iPhone 4?

le fin.
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  1. I think the idea is great however I have found that items are left there even after being sold, it is a bit time wasting. Then you contact the gsm and get no reply or return of message (probably because it's sold and they are sick of calls?) I prefer the turnover in Omanbay. BTW If you are not on Facebook you can go to the website www.muscatads.com as the two are linked.

  2. Visit http://www.classifiedoman.com/.

  3. Theres no way to know when things are sold on Muscat Buy & Sell!

    http://www.muscatads.com is not the same as muscat buy & sell. - muscatads have their own facebook, and webpage. Muscat buy and sell is facebook only, and seporate

    A lot of people advertise on both, so the stuff for sale is sometime the same. Bonus with muscatads is that the site can be searched, muscat buy sell you just have to scroll up and down facebook..

  4. What has happened to muscat buy or sell as it seam to have goneoff facebook.

  5. Muscat Buy or Sell is still running and running strong. I have now 10 admins on to help managing ads. Unfortunately we can’t put thing up for sale in groups, Facebook just do not work like that. But with all the new admins we hope to have more control over old photos. Thanks for your support.

    Regards Azelene Williams
    Muscat Buy or Sell Creator

  6. im not able to find muscat buy or sell on the facebook??!! where has it disappeared??

  7. Vikram,

    It's working for me here:


  8. Anybody tried www.dealmetry.com ? Its an Online Mobile store and got some great phones at even great prices. A DEAL EVERY DAY. Looks fresh.

  9. Also check out http://www.muscatads.com

    The Feed from this site links Muscat Buy and Sell Cars page to combine the adverts from both Muscat buy and Sell, and Muscat Ads.

  10. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Handmade-in-Oman/499636173409986

    Try this brand new page catering exclusively to Handmade stuff in Oman.


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