Burger King in Oman

Just a quick one today.

According to the Facebook fan page for Burger King in Oman, the first branch in Qurum is due to open "before April 21st", with the Mawaleh branch to open soon after.

They also posted these two funny adverts... worth a look to kill a few minutes!

le fin.
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  1. eeer...was this worth a blog post..lol

    Burger Death..more fat expats and locals with heart disease..

  2. Not really I guess... but I get a few google searches for Burger King in Oman so I figured someone somewhere might of wanted to know ;)

  3. This must be the third incarnation of Burger King in Oman? They closed at the Araimi Complex, under mysterious circumstances, a few years ago. We used to go a couple of times a year. You could buy an up-sized meal for one and share it between two - and still have leftovers. It was a popular place then, hence the surprise when they shut down.

    As for the first incarnation...am I mistaken or were they not in Al Khuwair in the early nineteen-nineties?

  4. I don't know - I was not here in the 90's ;)

    I had read about them being here before and then closed down, something to do with terrorism / a bomb going off in their location, or something like that.

    Oh well, we'll see :)

  5. Somebody should write a history of fast food in Oman. In the early 90's there was Penguin in Ruwi (OC Centre) and Dairy Queen in MQ (Where the Golden Dragon is). Penguin was ahem..not enticing. The only place that ever made me sick (for two days) in Oman.

    Then McDonalds came in '91 or '92 to the current, much flooded location, in Qurum.
    They had a much taller advertising logo. Many people complained about the height -
    especially Mrs J.P. (you reading this?) and so it was lowered.

    Since then many have come and gone. What was the name of that good place in Al Harthy that came, hung around, and then disappeared? All fascinating stuff, no?

  6. not really fascinating. Probably the coming and going has everything to do with poor management...but who knows maybe there is a story behind the story....

  7. would be really interested in knowing what the new, updated and authoritative opening date is - or has Burger King succumbed to the dreaded Sheraton disease


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